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Costumer service It was a very good service,nice people,and quick Reviewed on: 23rd May 2018

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liers no transparency..they don't want to speak about reward program..it's a scam Reviewed on: 19th March 2018
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About the Lift Loan

The Oakam Lift Loan is an instalment loan for people who would like to move up to borrowing larger amounts of money - the Lift Loan allows borrowing up to £5000. So if you want to read Lift Loan reviews from customers like you, see what people have to say by reading Smart Money People. Already have or have paid off your Lift Loan? Share a quick review of your own and help others in similar situations to you! With the power of your reviews, we're changing financial services.

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Oakam Lift Loan reviews (225)

Costumer service

It was a very good service,nice people,and quick Reviewed on: 23rd May 2018

Oakam are best i have had bad credit an d i was have disffults getting the loan, but the have the have build up my credit rating

They staff are great and they are very helpful they are always there when you need help. Reviewed on: 17th May 2018
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Excellent service

Spot on assistance and would advise accurately. Reviewed on: 17th May 2018
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Number 1 of all agencies help you in need. Reviewed on: 17th May 2018

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