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Based on 4 reviews, last reviewed 5th Apr 2023
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1st Class RBoS are a really good bank to deal with on international money exchange - fact ad friendly and very efficient. Reviewed on: 5th April 2023

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This product has not received a review of either 1 or 2 stars.

About the Travel Money

Before we go off on our holiday, there's always a last minute dash for some travel money! With more and more options available, it really does pay to do a bit of research to find the best travel money company. Smart Money People is the place for RBS travel money reviews. If you've used RBS travel money before, why not write YOUR own review? You can help other travellers looking for honest RBS travel money reviews.

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RBS Travel Money reviews (4)

1st Class

RBoS are a really good bank to deal with on international money exchange - fact ad friendly and very efficient. Reviewed on: 5th April 2023

Holiday money

I used RBS the last time I needed some holiday money and the rate and service was good. Reviewed on: 11th November 2017

A reasonable rate and friendly service

I find that RBS give a fair rate and it is easy to pop in and get my travel money. Reviewed on: 13th February 2016

A variety of good options for travel money

I have used RBS travel money a number of times in the past. They have competitive exchange rates and they also in larger branches keep some foreign currency in stock so you can get them right away without having to wait the usual day or two. The currency in stock tends to only be for common currency's though such as euros , dollers etc. You can have delivery's made to your home, choose the day of delivery and order up to 10 days in advance. The costs are fairly normal for the industry but remember to take this into consideration when calculating the exchange rate against others like the post office which don't charge the same fees. Whenever I need foreign currency I will look at RBS travel money and often buy from them but sometimes find others have a slightly better exchange rate. Reviewed on: 24th December 2015
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