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Your Digital Currency Buying & Selling Reviews

7 reviews

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Easy to Use and Good Interest Returns

This is a really useful and accessible platform which I used to get into crypto. Would highly recommend to anyone who doesn’t know much about smart banking because the UI is super clean and simple.

Reviewed on 18th April 2021
Adam Choudhury's avatar
Adam Choudhury

Great app to buy digital currencies

Love the ziglu app, is easy to use and still caters for traditional banking purposes, looking forward to see what the product has to offer in the future, more crypto currencies please :)

Reviewed on 3rd February 2021
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Lovely experience with the bank and my details are secure with them

Reviewed on 28th January 2021
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Ayobami Olatile

Superb platform and very efficient

Transparent fees and very user friendly platform. Customer service is excellent

Reviewed on 26th January 2021
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Straight-forward site to use

Competitive fees and easy to navigate app.

Reviewed on 26th January 2021
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jen h

Great app

Easy to use, transparent low fee structure and quick to trade crypto

Reviewed on 26th January 2021
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wrost bank and scamer

they held my 2700£ 2 week passed its still not answering me poor servsie

Reviewed on 26th January 2021
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