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31st August 2018


Easy enough to get the loan, but when I paid it off early in full, the trouble...

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Easy enough to get the loan, but when I paid it off early in full, the trouble began!

First they didn’t update their systems to reflect that the loan was settled
(In fact my account is £20 in credit). Although, when I called up they acknowledge that it is. They finally update after 3 weeks and 4 phone calls later. However, they update it incorrectly and now say that I’m in debt to the tune of £1,200 and 2 payments behind!

I have called up a total of 6 times and although, on their end, my account is showing as settled I get 2 texts a day and emails threatening my credit rating with a default due to my “arrears”!

I’m sick and tired of dealing with this company, as it really shouldn’t be this hard to settle a debt with them. I have never had an experience like this with any other company. To this day they still can’t give any kind of time frame as to when they will resolve the issue.

Never again. Avoid!