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ALL DECENT BUSINESS STAY CLEAR OF THIS BANKING SERVICE How do I describe this banking service without using terrible language.?? After suffering the loss of her grand daughter, and husband of nearly 60 ye... Read more Reviewed on: 6th April 2022

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How do I describe this banking service without using terrible language.?? After suffering the loss of her grand daughter, and husband of nearly 60 years, she was determined that we all try and work towards making a difference and helping others, who had suffered the same painful experience. She began making and designing amazing gift boxes- containing many hand crafted products. Alongside other members in the family, we all decided to work and save to be able to provide a safe haven, where people could access immediate contact with Therapists, qualified in grief, trauma and ptsd situations. She was advised to open a bank account to deposit her earnings into, in order to keep everything clear and legal. Unfortunately, after searching online, she decided to open her account with Acorn Banking! On her application call, she very clearly explained why the account was needed, provided copies of Invoices,advertising and the website she had made- All very clearly- stating and confirming everything she had told them. The business account was opened. And that was that. She had paid her starting costs, and a week or so later, handed £400 that she had made at a fair, selling her gift sets- to my husband.. ( she didnt feel comfortable carrying larger amounts of cash around)- and asked him to send it to her business account with Acorn. He did this, and it was accepted, and a text was sent to her phone to advise that the money had been deposited. This was her fist and only deposit into her account. The next day, early evening, my husband noticed that the money had been returned to his account. Confused, he called my mother in law- and advised her what had happened. She straight away checked her e-mails to see if there was any communication from Acorn as to why this would have happened? No e-mails from them, and no phone calls either? Feeling very upset and confused, she e-mailed Acorn as that was the only option she had. Acorn called the next morning, and after verifying security, proceeded to tell her, that after reviewing her account, they had decided that she did not qualify for their business account? The reason being, that my husband had sent the money to her account with the word "donation" listed beside it?? His meaning was as donation towards the full amount that would eventually be needed to open our Charity plans. NOT as a Charity donation. Acorn have taken the very high handed decision, to close a legally opened account, after being made very aware of the purpose of the account, and that the business money would eventually be going towards a Charity endeavour- but right now, was earned legally through an existing business.!! They decided, after 1 payment into her account, that they did not wish her business, even after being very clearly explained to them when the business was opened? And all of the Invoices and information they asked for, and were given, BEFORE they opened this account. THEY decided, based on one payment into her account, of £400, that they did not want her business. They did not call her, or e-mail her, they just decided it wasnt for them, and shut everything down! I cannot explain how disgusted we are with their treatment of a 76 year old lady, who was always honest, explained everything to the opening business team, and was granted an account, in order to keep the money that would eventually be used to do good things, and help others who are going through the same painful experiences. ACORN BANKING, you are nothing but a JOKE!!! I hope that everybody reads the despicable way you treat your customers, and stays as far away from your dreadful banking services as possible. In a world, where there are many suffering, it is fairly obvious that you just dont give a jot. I urge anybody who reads this review, to bypass this dreadful bank, and find another, amongst the MANY new and honest banking services available. Reviewed on: 6th April 2022


I normally do not write reviews or had any negative experiences with banks but I have to make everyone aware of how Acorn have treated me. I have been banking with Acorn for almost 3 years. In May, I called Acorn to have my telephone number updated. I was notified on the 26th of May (the day I called) that my account was closed due to direct debit abuse. I was shocked at the accusation and secondly, because it was closed on the 19th and I was not notified. Acorn gave me the excuse that they do not have enough resources to notify customers of any account closures. It doesn't stop here. I wrote a complaint via email about the situation and highlighted that in their terms and conditions, customers are either notified 60 days prior to any closures or within reasonable time if their accounts are closed due to fraudulent activities. I was sure that I did nothing fraudulent and wrote another email. Acorn responded with their final letter stating that I was misinformed about the reason of my account being closed and the reason was something about multiple accounts being held elsewhere where debit card abuse was apparent. The agent could not further elaborate on this and I was utterly confused and hurt about the accusation. I decided to write to the ombudsman and complain about this. During this time, I made purchases using my then acorn card and was due a refund. Acorn processed this refund and I called them to have that money returned to me. They first asked for a sort code and account number and said it will be in my (new) account the next day. I received a call 10 minutes after stating that they didnt want to keep me in the dark and the money couldn't be returned to me until investigations were complete. I called again and was told to contact paypal for them to recall that money. I contacted paypal and paypal said Acorn shouldnt have processed the money to a closed account and they have no authority to hold onto that money. They are being very difficult. Acorn were adamant that the only way I could get MY money back was that way and no other way. When the account was closed there was 9p in the account, however small, not only did Acorn not notify me of a closure but did not arrange to have any funds returned to me. They have been extremely difficult and caused so much inconvenience, on top of stress because when my account was closed, my salary had already been sent. So i had to wait for it to be sent back to my employer, it was a bank holiday weekend, so I had to wait for the Tuesday to arrange another bank. I was without money for two weeks because of this inconvenient. Acorn have no idea about banking ethics and have treated me like absolute crap. They show no remorse at all. My complaint is still ongoing with the ombudsman and I update them with new information. I would not recommend this service to anyone and they have actually done a favour by closing my account. Absolutely disgusting! Reviewed on: 14th July 2017
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Hifza Ahmad

Account locked

Our business has been crippled by this organisation. I moved my business account to these people a few months ago. Recently they locked my account after I moved to my mothers house. I provided then with a copy of my passport and a PDF of a bank statement showing the correct address and heard nothing more from them. When it became time to pay salaries and other bills I found an our account looked. Because I was living at my mothers house all the utility bills were in her name so the bank statements where the only secondary identification that they would accept. My personal bank account is set for electronic bank statements and I have been told that this will now take between 7 and 14 days to reach me. Effectively this is 3 weeks where the company is unable to trade and this is our money. Reviewed on: 13th July 2017

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