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Boots Insurance: Travel Insurance reviews

Based on 8 reviews, last reviewed 16th Mar 2022
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Friendly Always there to help caring company Reviewed on: 16th March 2022
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Kyle west

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About the Travel Insurance

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Boots Insurance Travel Insurance reviews (8)


Always there to help caring company Reviewed on: 16th March 2022
Kyle west's avatar
Kyle west

Always there for you

All kind of bad things can happen while you travel, but you can stay safe while enjoying your trip. Still, a bit on the higher rande price for a travel insurance, but at least you got a lot of stuff included. Reviewed on: 17th March 2021

Good insurance

Covered me completely. Good package Reviewed on: 14th July 2020
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Good range of products

They have a good range of products and ultimately I found what I was looking for. Reviewed on: 21st June 2020

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