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Based on 6 reviews, last reviewed 5th Oct 2023
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Won't pay up Taken ill in Turkey told they would cover costs, paid flights home 3 days extra in resort, now they have changed the rules. They asked for my medical ... Read more Reviewed on: 5th October 2023
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Karen Bell

About the Travel Insurance

Are you on holiday soon and looking for a new travel insurance company? Read our ERV reviews to help you decide if they might fir the bill for your policy requirements. Whether single or multi-trip, specialist cover, or sports travel, read or write reviews of travel insurance on Smart Money People to help others! Your ERV help others make better decisions about their cover

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ERV Travel Insurance reviews (6)

Won't pay up

Taken ill in Turkey told they would cover costs, paid flights home 3 days extra in resort, now they have changed the rules. They asked for my medical records and are going back 10 years. They contacted me 9 days ago for a reason why this wasn't declared never heard anything since. Trying to squirm out of paying. I read travel insurance assessors only go back 5 years Reviewed on: 5th October 2023
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Karen Bell

Concert Ticket Insurance

Concert Ticket Insurance We purchased concert insurance only to have the concert rescheduled as the artist was ill. The new date however coincided with our son's wedding 4 days after the ceremony, hosting guests from abroad, and my work. Despite numerous explanations they ERV hid behind some nebulous GCI clauses and did not refund our tickets. Suffice to say this group is an absolute sham and I would not advise buying into their insurance scam. Prove me wrong and I will gladly update my review...and save your trite response of "I'm sorry you were not happy with our services." Rather than pay some student to respond to customer feedback, return money to those who purchase insurance for it's intended purpose. Reviewed on: 30th May 2023
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Robert Weibel


Shocked about the way they deal with claims. I missed my flight back to the UK and as a consequence my train travel. After I provided all the evidence and after almost a year of going back an forth they just ignored me. Total scam. I would also avoid using trainline, that is where I heard about them in the first place. Thought if they were recommended by trainline they should be fine. Please avoid, it is basically handing your money over to a thug. Reviewed on: 29th November 2020
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A Nasty Bunch of Con Artists

ERV firstly rejected my claim for holiday cancellation due to the unexpected death of my father 3 days before our departure date, telling me to go away and take it up with the ombudsman if I didn’t agree. Their tone and attitude was disgusting. I was treated like an imbecile and a ‘chancer’ for even asking for them to cover the lost holiday. Initially the ombudsman found in my favour but ERV once again rejected their findings and asked me to go back to my late father’s GP a THIRD time to obtain his medical records for the two years prior to his death. A really dirty trick in the hope they could latch onto something else to use as excuse not to pay anything. They really are an uncaring bunch of thugs. Finally the ombudsman once again found in my favour and added damages of £250 to my claim for their behaviour and the distress they caused by their delaying tactics. The moral of the story is refer any such issues to the ombudsman but be prepared for 8 months of hell as ERV throw every conceivable hurdle in your way and seek to make you doubt the legitimacy of you making a claim in the first place. In my opinion ERV should have their fitness to practice revoked as they bring the insurance industry into disrepute. FYI - ERV act as the underwriters for Staysure, so be aware that if you buy a holiday insurance policy with Staysure and you ever need to claim against it, you won’t deal with Staysure (Dr Jekyll) but be passed to their Mr Hyde colleagues- ERV. Reviewed on: 24th June 2018
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Kieran Brennan

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