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Great insurance When we got our insurance the lady on the phone was very helpfull explaining everything clearly. Reviewed on: 2nd September 2019

Latest lowest rating: 1

Still Waiting On Claim NINE Months Later After having to escape Cyprus in March due to Covid as everything was shutting down. I contacted Asda Insurance and followed there instructions for Cl... Read more Reviewed on: 23rd December 2020

About the Travel Insurance

Do you buy travel insurance before going abroad? There are hundreds of different travel insurance policies on the market, all designed to help you stay protected while travelling...and giving you piece of mind, whether you're enjoying a sun swept beach or on an adverture-packed holiday. But with so many different policies to choose from, finding the right policy for you can be quite confusing. Reading our ASDA Money travel insurance reviews can help you find out what other travellers have to say. You can also write your ASDA Money travel insurance review too!

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ASDA Money Travel Insurance reviews (115)

Still Waiting On Claim NINE Months Later

After having to escape Cyprus in March due to Covid as everything was shutting down. I contacted Asda Insurance and followed there instructions for Claim. I sent Paperwork out of costs by Registered Mail. It arrived on the 1st of April, couple of days after closing due to Covid. Paperwork was left! In offices with no arrangement of pic ups of Claims, stranded there which delayed it by 7 weeks. Sending information via internet and then it seems I had to wait again until Offices opened again for them to open original paperwork. SEVEN Months Later, after being told on Three Ocations Claim was being Prioritized I am still waiting. Please read Trust Pilot, this is a Shamefully Bad Company. I am shocked Asda Allows it to use there name. Stay Clear!!. Please. Reviewed on: 23rd December 2020

Disgraceful claims ssrvice.. 6 months on and still no answer

my flight back from New Zealand was cancelled when Oz temporarily suspended transit flights ( was going via Sydney) That was on 23rd March 2020. It is now 23rd Sept .. a full 6 months on and I am still awaiting a decision on my claim. To date they have initially failed to log my claim ( admin error so they tell me) , i re sent it immediately ti be told that it would be at least 28 working days before they got to it....then had email saying there was no attachment... spoke to them and they apologised saying yes they can see it now!..Have rung them countless times to be told it would be escalated... and then prioritised....but still to hear from them. I raised a complaint, but 4 weeks letter got letter sayibg sorry cant deal with your complaint inside the 56 day time period!. Still waiting!!.. Having read these reviews it would have been nice to think someone from ASDA would be reviewing negaitive social media content like this... but doesnt look like they care Avoid at all costs Reviewed on: 23rd September 2020
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I have only given Asda 1 star because of the requirement to give a rating.

My wife and I are owed nearly £600 in returned holiday deposits following the decision by Asda to cease issuing their credit card. The card operation ceased on 13 June. It is now 8 September and we are still waiting for the money to be refunded by Creation Finance who operated the card on Asda’s behalf. Asda have abdicated responsibly saying that the issue lies with Creation and not them. If this is an indication of how Asda operate their financial schemes I would not touch any of them with a barge pole. There must be more trustworthy companies out there. Reviewed on: 8th September 2020


Paid for superior service absolute joke you get passed around different companies when you need to claim They take ages replying back and don’t want to pay out Avoid at all costs I got conned thinking it was Asda I was dealing with it’s not they pass you to another company when you need medical care Reviewed on: 25th August 2020
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