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Appalling company DONT EVER USE THIS COMPANY. Absolutely appalling customer service, rude staff who should be sacked?! Disgusting!!! Reviewed on: 5th January 2023

About the Pension

Clerical Medical pension reviews written by Smart Money People like you. For many of us, our pension is an important part of our financial future. Finding a pension provider that you can trust and rely on is a must for many people. Take a look at our Clerical Medical pension reviews to find out what life at Clerical Medical is really like. If you hold this pension, we'd love you to write an honest review here too!

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Clerical Medical Pension reviews (5)

Appalling company

DONT EVER USE THIS COMPANY. Absolutely appalling customer service, rude staff who should be sacked?! Disgusting!!! Reviewed on: 5th January 2023

Simply awful

This company is a disgrace. They are close to impossible to speak with, slow beyond belief and impossible to get action from. I have been trying to transfer my pension for over a YEAR and still not done. If they say they will call back they don’t and if they say a case has been escalated it hasn’t. Go somewhere else! Reviewed on: 7th September 2022
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Appalling customer Service

I am most unhappy with the service I received today. I understand that there are covid restrictions, but when I phoned I was told the wait would be 10 minutes, when it fact it was 40 minutes, and even then, the person (*****) was not able to deal with my request and said that he would transfer me – he assured me that if my wait was more than 10 minutes, then a call back would be offered. However, no such call back service was offered, and I faced a further wait of 25 minutes. This is a totally unacceptable level of customer service . I have to say that when the calls were answered, the agents were very helpful. BUT EMPLOY MORE STAFF CLERICAL MEDICAL. Reviewed on: 15th March 2021
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Cheryl Kerr

£800 loss

Paid in around a £100 a month over the last year and my pension pot has gone done by around £900 in a year and I paid them for this Reviewed on: 5th February 2021
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Steve Smith

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