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49 reviews

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Best Service

easy to save and get a loan also quick transfer

Reviewed on 5th May 2022
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Michael Tulloch

Great savings rate!

Found this bank through MoneySavingExpert.com as it pays out a good interest rate with instant access. Easy to use website, just shame it doesn't have an app (yet!).

Reviewed on 27th April 2022
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Greta service , easy to navigate

JN bank is easy to deal with and has straight forward interface.

Reviewed on 10th April 2022
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Rory McGregor

very professional ,helpful and quick .

i was amazed at the quick and easy application and response to my request for assistance .

Reviewed on 4th April 2022
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Michael Hennessy

Super customer service

The branch is welcoming and fresh. The customer service was on point and courteous. The product range and money transfer options are spot on.

Reviewed on 4th April 2022
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Chris Cooke

Customer Service

Awesome customer service system that I would recommend to friends and family

Reviewed on 3rd April 2022
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Jovan Campbell

Excellent Banking Facility

An excellent service is provided. Easily accessible account, no-fuss guaranteed!

Reviewed on 30th March 2022
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Kingsley Howard

So easy and friendly to deal with.

I took out an easy access loan right at the start of this bank and was pleased and surprised at how helpful and supportive they were. A different type of bank completely

Reviewed on 30th March 2022
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ian marshall

Simply Great

Easy access from home and good rates of interest compared to high st banks

Reviewed on 30th March 2022
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Easy to access and great servicde

JN bank UK provide an excellent product, which is really userfriendly, whilst protecting my money with multi layer security

Reviewed on 29th March 2022
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Competitive Interest rates

JN Bank has been one of the most competitive bank for providing a reasonable interest rate during the extremely hard times we have been going through recently. They certainly stand out from the crowd.

Reviewed on 26th March 2022
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Roi Israel

Such a great and reliable bank to have around

It has been an absolute blessing to have JN bank here in the UK. It feels like home away from home. Service is great and banking is made easy and convenient. JN deserves any award comimg their way!

Reviewed on 25th March 2022
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Danny Augustin

Quite impressed

JN has impressed me with the work that they do with the community. An exemplary corporate citizen

Reviewed on 25th March 2022
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JN for the people

Great banking services fast reliable customer service

Reviewed on 23rd March 2022
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Great experience for setting up a saving account

Reviewed on 22nd March 2022
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The Pink Studio

Good interest rate

Simple to use web interface and the bank was proactive in raising the savings interest rate. A smartphone app would be a nice addition.

Reviewed on 17th March 2022
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Amazing service

Honestly can say the service I received was absolutely amazing! The employees are truly the companies greatest asset

Reviewed on 15th March 2022
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Great service

Thank you Pav for the great customer service

Reviewed on 15th March 2022
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Satveer Chohan

5 star service!

The customer service has been brilliant when I've called up and the whole process of setting up my account was easy from start to finish. Would definitely recommend!

Reviewed on 15th March 2022
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dipz B

Superb customer service

Great customer service. Iā€™m a novice when it comes to banking terminology so appreciated all the step by step guidance

Reviewed on 15th March 2022
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