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fraudulent! I took out motor insurance with more than last year - this year when it came to renewing the policy it was actually cheaper to stay with them rather t... Read more Reviewed on: 30th March 2017

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For many van owners, their van is used for everday driving as well as work, meaning that choosing the best van insurance to keep it on the road is essential. That's were our Smart Money People MORE THAN van insurance reviews come in, as they can help you to find out what other MORE THAN van insurance customers have to say. Our mission is to use the power of YOUR reviews to help other van drivers find the best policies.

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I took out motor insurance with more than last year - this year when it came to renewing the policy it was actually cheaper to stay with them rather than moving to another company. My partner spoke to the advisor over the phone and confirmed his card details to pay for the new policy. He specifically stated NOT to take the money from my card which they still had stored on their system from the previous year - the vehicle is his , I set up the policy last year and used my card which he later paid me back for. This year however he gave his card details and specifically said the money was to be taken from that account and no other! The policy was set up and we were good to go. A few days later I notice a transaction had been taken from my account, which turned out to be from More Than. I got straight on the phone, half and hour wait to speak to someone, when finally through an advisor told me that it's fine , that I can just address it with my bank, ask for a charge back to my account and my bank will take it up with them.... NOT THE CASE! So not only had they fraudulently taken money from my account causing me bank charges and a while heap of inconvenience which they promised to compensate me for (still waiting), the complaints department are ill informed and my bank wouldn't refund me the money as easily as that at all. I wrote them a letter, to avoid sitting in another half hour phone queue, and really stressed my frustrations! I received a letter back briefly saying sorry and that they will look into it but it could take up to 9 weeks??? Why? All they have to do is refund me and take the money from the account they were supposed to take it from!? I will never ever use them again !! Avoid at all cost - as it really could cost you!! Reviewed on: 30th March 2017

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