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Police Mutual: Home Insurance reviews

Based on 4 reviews, last reviewed 9th Jul 2020
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Easy to talk to Is easy to contact and talk to on the phone Reviewed on: 9th July 2020
Charles Devenish's avatar
Charles Devenish

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About the Home Insurance

Thinking about using Police Mutual for your next home insurance policy? Read reviews written by people like you first before you decide, and you'll be sure to find the best home insurance policy for your needs on Smart Money People. Our community reviews firms likePolice Mutual so that you can make better informed decisions! Cost of claims, price of policy, or anything else you want to know about or write about - Smart Money People is the place to do it

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Police Mutual Home Insurance reviews (4)

Easy to talk to

Is easy to contact and talk to on the phone Reviewed on: 9th July 2020
Charles Devenish's avatar
Charles Devenish

Great service

Love the 10 year savers so easy to subscribe to Reviewed on: 18th June 2020
Paul Beverley's avatar
Paul Beverley

home insurance

great price no charge for paying monthly... a winner in my book, charges by insurance companies for paying monthly is daylight robbery Reviewed on: 19th August 2019
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Look here first!

Great service, great value for money. They have a great team and really easy to complete the application Reviewed on: 13th September 2017
Alex Marshall's avatar
Alex Marshall

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