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ROCK Insurance: Travel Insurance reviews

Based on 9 reviews, last reviewed 3rd Mar 2024
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Ok with existing health conditions Had to declare previous BC and hubby's high BP, but surcharge quite reasonable to include in cover. Reviewed on: 11th September 2016
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Madelaine McLaughlin

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could not extend travel insurance! I took out a one week travel insurance policy with Rock. We decided to remain in Spain for a further week So contacted them several days before we wer... Read more Reviewed on: 3rd March 2024
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ROCK Insurance Travel Insurance reviews (9)

could not extend travel insurance!

I took out a one week travel insurance policy with Rock. We decided to remain in Spain for a further week So contacted them several days before we were due to travel back at the end of the first week. I was advised that they had to refer to their underwriters. Despite multiple calls and emails they completely failed t give me a simple yes or no. I was left without cover. I cannot see why they were unable to simply extend the cover. I’m just glad we didn’t actually have to make a claim as I suspect the response would have been similarly dissapointing. Reviewed on: 3rd March 2024
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My experience with Rock travel insurance as AXA partner

This is a genuine review that I hope may be of help to others with AXA travel insurance ( partnered with Rock) issues I filed a claim with AXA insurance on the 10/09/23 for travel insurance. I had to cancel a TUI holiday due to covid.. The incident details and all the necessary documents were submitted promptly to the online claims portal to support my claim. AXA did not get back to me within the 10 working days as stated in their business aim. I then read reviews of AXA and was pretty alarmed and felt stupid for not looking beforehand. A further delay after a phone call and email exchange led to another delay after a promise to respond to the claim in 2 weeks. I sent a letter of complaint and eventually had a response to that on 1/11/23. I then had £75 compensation and promise to follow up with the insurer. I was just about to email again after a 10 working day gap when I was phoned in the evening to be informed the claim was agreed and I should receive the claim in a further 10 working days. I did, at the end of that period, get the claim money (23/11/23). So to be fair, although there were frustrating delays ( twice against promised response times) there was a settlement. The AXA insurer was Rock which underwrites for ‘travel insurance policies such as Jet2, Onthebeach, Travel Republic, Insurefor, Leisure Guard and Big Blue etc’. I hope for other complainants that Rock are simply slow and not delaying responses as a business practice. I have written this to say it was not as bad as the reviews led me to believe but also not a good service – it took a lot of nudging and then pushing. Two or maybe three stars out of 5 in the hope of encouraging them to be more responsive and repair their review status a bit. Reviewed on: 26th November 2023
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Roger Conlon

decent cover for holidays

Good budget option for holidays abroad Reviewed on: 22nd August 2023
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Shaunna Gardiner

Avoid Them

Terrible service, elderly person, I had a bad bad fall in hotel abroad…I am left in a wheelchair still, 6 months later and 3 operations! Insurance just ignored me,worst company ever! Reviewed on: 3rd December 2022
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Glenys Myatt

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