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Based on 6 reviews, last reviewed 3rd Dec 2022
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Ok with existing health conditions Had to declare previous BC and hubby's high BP, but surcharge quite reasonable to include in cover. Reviewed on: 11th September 2016

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Avoid Them Terrible service, elderly person, I had a bad bad fall in hotel abroad…I am left in a wheelchair still, 6 months later and 3 operations! Insurance j... Read more Reviewed on: 3rd December 2022

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ROCK Insurance Travel Insurance reviews (6)

Avoid Them

Terrible service, elderly person, I had a bad bad fall in hotel abroad…I am left in a wheelchair still, 6 months later and 3 operations! Insurance just ignored me,worst company ever! Reviewed on: 3rd December 2022

If I could give zero I would

I could give them zero I would. They are the worst insurance company ever please don’t use them. They took our money and when subsequently I had a medical problem that needed to be added they took weeks to respond each time and kept saying I should call them. Tried over several days but you are permanently on hold, one day I held for 45 minutes. I again wrote with same standard reply from them after weeks, in the end we went on holiday in the hope I was covered as I had told them in writing and also sent them hospital letter. We’ve been home over a week and received an email saying no I’m not covered and they can’t add the medical condition either, so basically I was uninsured after spending a lot of money. Keep away from them they are con artists Reviewed on: 28th June 2022


Not fit for purpose. Phone Lines are always too busy. I cancelled the travel insurance by writing within the stipulated 14 days cooling off period and I keep getting emails back to contact Jet2 who have clearly stated that they cant cancel it and it is down to Rock Insurance to sort out. Received an email after 16 days from Rock Insurance advising that they can only refund 65% as I am out of the 14 days!!! Since then no refund and no response to my email. They need reporting to the regulatory bodies. Reviewed on: 29th April 2022
Kash Ahmed's avatar
Kash Ahmed

Would never use again!

If I could have put no stars I seriously would have. You are passed from pillar to post. Complants don’t actually get dealt with ever. No one calls you back. No one emails you. I was assured that if I used them again, as holiday changed due to Covid they couldn’t refund me however would give me 50 percent back if I renewed. I went for a higher insurance option on this basis and nothing back for nearly a year now. Chased every month. Nothing. I’ve never known such an awful company and would never use again. Please avoid I wish I had read reviews before using. Avoid. Nothing will ever get resolved if there is an issue. All nice to get you sucked in then after that horrific service. Harriet Butler Reviewed on: 14th April 2022

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