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Thanks Thanks Reviewed on: 11th February 2020
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Accepting money for invalid device Row "covered" me for a phone which was purchased in 2019 from which the IMEI number shows when the phone was purchased. After requesting a claim to... Read more Reviewed on: 31st August 2022
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Accepting money for invalid device

Row "covered" me for a phone which was purchased in 2019 from which the IMEI number shows when the phone was purchased. After requesting a claim to repair the phone's screen I was declined as the insurance was "not valid" due to the age of the phone. I fully expect the policy to be refunded due to there being no risk of costs incurred by Row insurance given they were never going to undertake a claim on the phone at any point during the 12 months. If these details were not requested and checked when undertaking the policy, this seems a very underhanded method for row to take money on invalid devices from which they would hope not to have to see a claim put in. Thus making money from an invalid device they would never cover. My policy number is ROW6542858 Reviewed on: 31st August 2022
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Will take your money but not cover you

For 4 years I paid monthly for cover, but when the appliance did breakdown, they asked for receipts that couldnt be an email - very difficult when the product was bought online!! and proof of address. I dont get bills or statements anymore - everything is online!! If this sort of thing is asked for at the time of taking out cover then I would have been better placed to provide but as the purchase was nearly 5 years old, they wouldnt accept the only proof of purchase I had which was an email. never again. Reviewed on: 17th January 2022
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Started policy to cover my washing machine in 2018 at 5.99 per month. Increased premium yearly even though I made no claims until 2021. So 2019 it was 6.99 and from 2020 it was 7.99. So paid more than £250 of premiums. My washing machine broke down and I needed a repair. That’s when I found out that (even though I’d been paying premiums for over 3 years) that there was a £65 excess to pay on top of the premiums. Also I had to pay all the months to the end of the contract in advance. So, on top of the premiums, I paid another £136.91 to get my WM repaired. Now, you tell me, was it worth my paying all those premiums? I don’t think so. I’m sure if I’d called Hotpoint direct they probably would have charged the same to repair it so I received no benefit from joining ROW. Furthermore, they are insisting I set up the direct debit again, even though I have paid upto Feb 2022. They are trying to force me to continue with them even though the contract will end in Feb 2022. They have threatened to close my policy if I do not set up the DD with them again even though I have paid in advance till Feb 2022. Reviewed on: 4th May 2021

Warning, warning, warning!

Warning, warning, warning! If you are thinking of insuring your appliance with Row please stop. I think most of these reviews are about the application process which was easy enough because they want your money. I insured three appliances with Row in June 2020; a range cooker, an integrated fridge freezer and an integrated dishwasher. I pay just under £20 a month.   My cooker developed a fault in January and I contacted Row to arrange for the fault to be fixed, I then received an email which stated that I would be charged an insurance excess of £125 PLUS I would have to pay the remaining monthly payments to take me from January to the following June This took the total to over £180!   I have spoken with another company who have told me that the manufacturer of my oven would charge £125 to come out and repair my oven.   I am unhappy that I have been paying £20 a month for Row to do nothing more than to contact an engineer on my behalf. I believe that I have been paying £20 for a service which is completely unneeded and unnecessary. I am quite capable of calling an engineer from the manufacturer and arranging for the oven to be fixed.   When I took out the insurance I was under the impression that my appliances were insured and protected against fault or damage and my premiums were put towards the maintenance. I have no idea what they use my £20 a month for. PLEASE USE ANOTHER COMPANY Reviewed on: 25th January 2021
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