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Your Childrens Savings Account Reviews

5 reviews

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Easy to set up and save in

I opened savings accounts for my children last year and the whole process was easy and simple to set up to enable me to put money away for their futures

Reviewed on 10th March 2021
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Gary Watson

Childrens Savings Account

Saffron Building Society continually offers one of the best interest rates for kid's savings. The staff are always friendly, informed and very efficient. Thank you Saffron Building Society - you definitely deserve to win the award.

Reviewed on 12th February 2021
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Alison Jackson


Children’s regular saver .. a great way to get children to save and carry on through life.

Reviewed on 23rd January 2021
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Natalie Wells


Great products and rates always as competitive as they can be. Their children’s account range is very good also!

Reviewed on 21st January 2021
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Amazing service and provider!

I have both my daughters children’s accounts here. The staff are lovely and very helpful!

Reviewed on 18th January 2021
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Charlotte Perry