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Howden: Business Insurance reviews

Based on 3 reviews, last reviewed 23rd Feb 2023
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Nice Thanks veri nice evrithing all service Reviewed on: 23rd February 2023

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About the Business Insurance

Howden business insurance reviews can help you to find out what other businesses think about having an insurance policy with Howden is like. How easy to understand are the policy documents? Or how well does Howden handle their claims? Smart Money People is quickly a leading source of Howden business insurance reviews. You you can share your experience with us, to help increase trust and transparency in financial services.

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Howden Business Insurance reviews (3)


Thanks veri nice evrithing all service Reviewed on: 23rd February 2023

Amazing broker to insure with. One that actually communicates

You phone, they answer, and actually help Reviewed on: 2nd July 2019
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Fantastic company all round

From the initial phone call right through to taking out the plan, the service is fantastic. The staff are amazing, friendly and don’t even make you feel like your having to purchase “boring” insurance, which let’s face it, none of us enjoy doing. They also fine you the best price and I’m pleased I left my last brokers who were obviously there to just make money, and found A-Plan, who are there to make you smile, laugh and give a 5* service. Reviewed on: 1st July 2019
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