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Unexpected cancellation I had my policy cancelled out of the blue for what I was first told lack of documentation. The documents were actually sent when originally asked for... Read more Reviewed on: 20th April 2020

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Zenith Insurance Van Insurance reviews (1)

Unexpected cancellation

I had my policy cancelled out of the blue for what I was first told lack of documentation. The documents were actually sent when originally asked for, I did not hear anything once this was carefully explained, so I assumed everything was ok and the staff managed to look at the email properly. I called to ask why my policy was cancelled on Saturday, half way through the conversation and lots of putting on hold for 15 minutes at a time. The reason my policy was cancelled changed as it must of been noticed I did actually send the required documents. I was told that I had not updated my address so they cancelled my policy. This was completely made up. I was never asked about this, it was never mentioned by any members of this company. I explained I still had all of the email trails on record with no mention of anyone asking for the correct address. I’ve checked my account today, instead of the cancellation fee which was being asked for by myself, I’ve actually received a small amount back. Basically to me they admitted fault. The issue has not been resolved as I’m not insured to drive. This company just wants your deposit then will look for any excuse as in anything even making it up to cancel your policy. Shocking, if you like being robbed here is the company, their experts. Reviewed on: 20th April 2020

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