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ASDA Money: Car Insurance reviews

Based on 9 reviews, last reviewed 17th Feb 2021
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Mr Nathan was the man who cankzksksjsjsjsksk Reviewed on: 17th February 2021
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They are sneaky Make sure all your details are spot on when taking out a car insurance policy with them. If they are inaccurate though the slightest discrepancy and p... Read more Reviewed on: 1st June 2017

About the Car Insurance

ASDA Money car insurance reviews on Smart Money People come from drivers like you! You can read these honest ASDA Money car insurnance reviews to help you decide which car insurance provider is right for you...and your car! For example, read through our review to find out how good the claims process. And remember, if you've used ASDA Money before, you too can write a short ASDA Money car insurance review here to help other drivers. Smart Money People is the UK's leading financial services review site. Together, we can help us to increase trust and transparency in financial services.

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ASDA Money Car Insurance reviews (9)


Nathan was the man who cankzksksjsjsjsksk Reviewed on: 17th February 2021
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Brilliant a* company and great compant Reviewed on: 12th July 2020
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friendly advice

sorted what i wanted without the usual add ons that companies try Reviewed on: 6th May 2020
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john mills

good cover for price

excellent cover for price for first year . Reviewed on: 26th September 2017

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