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Digital bank Chase launched in the UK in September 2021 after servicing over 56 million US customers. Chase provides ‘rewarding banking’, with a range of cash rewards available for its customers. Chase also has an intuitive mobile app that’s packed with features to help you manage your money and spending. Customers can also benefit from 24/7 customer support.

If you’re interested in making Chase your next banking provider, read the Chase Bank reviews on Smart Money People to learn more. Whether you’re interested in a current account or a savings account, we have reviews from genuine customers to help you out. Find out how long customers have been banking with Chase and how satisfied they are with the service they receive. Learn more about the rewards programme and the features of the mobile app. All of this and more can be found in our Chase reviews.

Do you have a current account or savings account with Chase? Share your honest experience with others on Smart Money People. Why did you choose Chase as your banking provider? How long have you been an account holder? How satisfied have you been with the product? What is your favourite feature of the mobile banking app? Have you had any experience with the customer service team? Would you recommend Chase to your family and friends? Whether good or bad, write a Chase review today. Together, we can help people like you make better financial decisions.

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