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Danske Bank UK: Choice Current Account reviews

Based on 19 reviews, last reviewed 12th Apr 2024
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Excellent staff. Excellent staff. Friendly and helpful always. Reviewed on: 12th April 2024
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Mark M

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This bank needs investigation Unbelievable treatment from this bank Unbelievable treatment from this bank. My elderly father had to move from his home of 20 years to sheltered acc... Read more Reviewed on: 3rd August 2022
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About the Choice Current Account

The Danske Choice Current Account is described as ‘everything you need to manage your money’. The account has no monthly fees and account holders get access to Danske Bank’s mobile banking app. There are also overdraft options available.

Check out our Danske Bank Danske Choice Current Account reviews to help you make an informed decision when choosing your new account. Be confident that the provider is reputable and that the account can meet your needs.

Learn why account holders chose the Danske Choice Current Account and how satisfied they’ve been with it. Read about the main pros and cons they’ve experienced so far. Find out more about the banking app and the features that are available. Learn about genuine experiences with the customer service team to find out how well Danske Bank solves its customers' problems. All of this and more can be found in our Danske Choice Current Account reviews.

If you have a Danske Choice Current Account, share your experience with our Smart Money People community. Is the Danske Choice your main current account? Why did you choose it and are you glad you did? What’s your favourite thing about the account, and is there anything that you feel could be improved? If you use the mobile banking app, does it have all of the features you need? Would you recommend the account to your family and friends? Whether good or bad, write an honest Danske Bank Danske Choice Current Account review today. Together, we can help people like you make better financial decisions.

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Danske Bank UK Choice Current Account reviews (19)

Excellent staff.

Excellent staff. Friendly and helpful always. Reviewed on: 12th April 2024
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Mark M

Simple. Efficient. Excellent.

Simply works. Service is excellent all round, nothing too much trouble. Personable staff both in branch & on phone. App excellent & updated regularly. All banks should be like this. Highly recommended. Reviewed on: 10th March 2023
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Good dependable bank with one flaw

I have been with the Danske Bank (formerly Northern Bank) for 46 years now and it has been a good, dependable bank. It was very helpful when I needed help and went the extra mile I believe. Their only flaw is to do with Overdrafts. I go into overdraft seldom and only be an average of £50 but am charged excessive amounts every time I do. I find it unfair when I was never in overdraft for years and only since Covid and now the cost of living rising sharply have I fallen behind at times with a payment or bill etc. Otherwise a good bank. Reviewed on: 9th March 2023
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Heather Ann Straw

This bank needs investigation

Unbelievable treatment from this bank Unbelievable treatment from this bank. My elderly father had to move from his home of 20 years to sheltered accommodation due to his physical and mental decline (depression) . He also has diabetes. . I myself am also disabled and doing My best to cope with changing his details to his new address. I've been trying to organise a letter to have his address changed as he's unable to get to a bank. I'm unable to drive and he's had to give up driving. Unfortunately they don't appear to care. His card snapped the other day as his address isnt updated he cant ordera new card. So I called was advised to bring aforementioned letter in. Nothing else was requested. I called again to find an open branch as my dad has outstanding bills to pay and needs food. (Saturday) Was not told I needed to bring other things. Why this wasn't mentioned before during any of my calls I don't know. I dashed up to the Belfast branch who threatened to put a stop on his account. I explained I have Been using my rent money to pay for what my dad needs. And asked them how I could pay for his opticians (glasses) due on Monday and his food.. apparently this wasn't their problem and they are happy to let him starve. Never liked this bank. Like them even less now.. who leaves am 81 year old man without any means to pay his bills or buy food.. Updated - Again, today Monday 18th July, i tried yet again and I have not been able to sort this matter. The demand for a doctors letter (unable to get until next week at the earliest) to ensure he's able to make decisions for himself Has left him without any means to buy food. My disability means I cannot drive and I have no money left to buy any of us food. With his diabetes this puts his health at risk. I will be holding Danske responsible if anything happens with regards to his health until this is resolved. A good lesson to learn here, is if you are elderly or have elderly parents - do not bank here. They clearly do not care if they live or die! Praying I can get something for him to eat until this is sorted. Who knows where his bank statements are going or who has access to them as they refuse to allow me to update his details over the phone. He has tried doing it himself and its still not allowed. It's a farcical circus. I have made a formal complaint and if not satisfactorily dealt with I will be pursuing it via the ombudsman. I really didn't think this bank could… I really didn't think this bank could go any lower than rhey have. I'm living on porridge, cereal and bread so my 81 year old diabetic dad can eat after his account was frozen. Apparently they aren't "medical professionals" and yet I am classed as one .. when I mentioned my dad has "suspected dementia". My mental health and physical health has declined rapidly, as being disabled myself this entire situation has put me in a very bad place. I used every ounce of energy I had trying to deal with this and am not recovering enough to have the energy to make an appointment with them, AND drag my father with me for what I now assume will be a nazi-esque interrogation. Now they are, in my opinion attempting to make him homeless as i was told there would be no problem with his direct debits therefore he would have a roof over his head.. apparently they are now bouncing his rent payment and probably everything else. I suspect this is A good little earner for them as no doubt Dad will have to pay for those ones that have and will bounce and end up homeless. I genuinely wonder how these people sleep at night. Or how they would feel if it happened to their parent. To add insult to injury - they didn't bother to even spell my name right! Not to mention they attempted to contact our solicitor without permission. Seems they are a law unto themselves Reviewed on: 3rd August 2022
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