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Danske Bank UK: Fixed Rate Mortgage reviews

Based on 4 reviews, last reviewed 22nd Feb 2023
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Advisor- top class Customer service was great and gave us great advice Reviewed on: 22nd February 2023's avatar
[email protected]

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About the Fixed Rate Mortgage

Danske Bank offers a range of mortgage products for purchasing homes in Northern Ireland. It’s important to be confident that you understand the Ts and Cs and interest rate of a mortgage. Remember to contact the lender or an independent advisor if you need help understanding your options.

Finding the right lender and mortgage deal can be difficult with so many on the market. Hearing from existing customers is the best way to understand more about a lender. Our Danske Bank mortgage reviews can give you the valuable insight needed to make an informed decision. Be confident in your new mortgage provider by reading genuine reviews left from people just like you.

Find out what mortgage homeowners have taken out and how satisfied they are with it. Learn more about the application process and how supportive Danske Bank was throughout. Read about experiences with the customer service team to learn how the provider solves its customers’ issues. Find out if borrowers would recommend them to their family and friends. All of this and more can be found in our Danske Bank mortgage reviews.

If you have a mortgage with Danske Bank, share your honest experience with our Smart Money People community. Why did you choose Dankse Bank as your mortgage provider? What mortgage did you take out and are you satisfied with your choice? What are the main pros and cons you’ve experienced throughout your time with Danske Bank? Does the lender keep you up to date with important mortgage news and changes? Write a Danske Bank mortgage review today. Together, we can help people like you make better financial decisions.

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Danske Bank UK Fixed Rate Mortgage reviews (4)

Advisor- top class

Customer service was great and gave us great advice Reviewed on: 22nd February 2023's avatar
[email protected]

Easy to contact

Really easy to get in contact with over the phone to get advice or help. Fair rate for the mortgage too Reviewed on: 4th February 2023
Meg C's avatar
Meg C

The best customer service

When renewing our mortgage I expected other banks to up their game with customer service but most left us feeling like they didnt want to know. Danke bank customer service has always been first class Reviewed on: 18th February 2021
Liam's avatar

Unbelievable service!

I am a FTB and going through shared ownership. I work in financial services myself and In the current climate most lenders asked for 15% deposit that I just didn't have. I went to danske for a mortgage as their rates are attractive and they didn't ask for a deposit on shared ownership like the others. I spoke with someone on a Thursday to get my mortgage telephone appointment booked in. I had the apt the following tuesday and was made feel really at ease I was really anxious about it. I finished the call at 2.30pm and recieved a call at 5pm the same day to confirm it had gone to offer and it was in the post. I have never recieved such fantastic service and so quickly I am amazed but really happy with the service would recommend 5* Reviewed on: 28th October 2020
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