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Danske Bank UK: Discovery Current Account reviews

Based on 5 reviews, last reviewed 14th Feb 2021
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Wonderful I am ever so pleased with the Danske online banking and customer service experience. Reviewed on: 31st December 2017
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Catherine Falls

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About the Discovery Current Account

The Danske Discovery Account is designed for children and teens, aged 11-17. The account has various tools to help young people manage their finances. This includes mobile banking and access to the Discovery Savings Account. The account also has a range of parental controls for added security.

It’s important that young people learn to manage their money responsibly, but finding the right account can be challenging. Our Danske Discovery Account reviews can give you valuable insight into the product and provider.

If Danske Bank’s Danske Discovery Account sounds right for your needs, read our reviews to learn more. Find out why customers chose this account and how satisfied they’ve been. Learn the different ways that the account supports young people to manage their money. Read about the different parental controls and how secure parents feel the account is. Make an informed decision when opening a new account by reading our Danske Discovery Account reviews.

If you have experience with the Danske Discovery Account, write a review on Smart Money People. What was your favourite thing about the account, and was there anything you felt could be improved? Did the mobile banking app have all of the features you needed to manage your account? Did you have any experience with the customer service team, and if so, how well did they handle your concerns? Would you recommend the account to your family and friends? Whether good or bad, write an honest Danske Discovery Account review today. Together, we can help others like you make better financial decisions.

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Danske Bank UK Discovery Current Account reviews (5)

Service is awful

Me and my dad signed up for one online exactly 1 week ago and my dad rang them again and said they saw it. I’m waiting and waiting and still not getting anywhere with them Reviewed on: 14th February 2021
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They need to update their app and sort out their customer service Reviewed on: 30th December 2019
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I am ever so pleased with the Danske online banking and customer service experience. Reviewed on: 31st December 2017
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Catherine Falls

Good solid banking

I love danske bank formerly northern bank, no hassling calls or emails etc just there when you need them! Reviewed on: 16th February 2016
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Michelle McVeigh

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