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668 reviews

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I like it

Very nice i like it but this is super

Reviewed on 14th April 2021
Maksymilian's avatar

Quick and easy

Quick and easy to use. Had a couple of problems with the amount being collected but this was quickly resolved by their support staff.

Reviewed on 5th July 2020's avatar

Great Company!

Great company full stop. Very good

Reviewed on 28th April 2020
Harry Gray's avatar
Harry Gray

Avoid - poor and lacking service!

AfforditNOW financed a course for a provider that went bust - AfforditNOW's response has been... Read more

AfforditNOW financed a course for a provider that went bust - AfforditNOW's response has been dreadful.

I signed up to a course and was moving along. As it happens the learning provider went into administration. On the day it happened, I informed the AfforditNOW and was told they would be investigating and they would get back to me soon. At that point the customer service staff appear to be unaware of what had happened.

In the two weeks that have passed since then:

1) They have provided confusing/conflicting information.
2) I have had to chase them several times because but all their staff are giving me is the same as day one 'we are investigating and we would get back to you soon'.
3) Have not received a resolution.
4) Received a very poor customer service.

When asking for my query to be escalated they refused to transfer me to a manager. They told a manager called 'Clair' would be calling me, instead I had an ACTING team leader name Gina call and provide no meaningful information at all. In summary her message was: we are gathering more information (won't say what information or from whom) and we don't know when this will be resolved.

This is absolutely poor, I have always made my payments and kept up to date. I would expect much better. In summary if you can find another company please do so and avoid yourself the hassle.

Reviewed on 27th November 2019
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Really reliable and true to there word

Very reliable and trustworthy, I would definitely recommend it

Reviewed on 30th June 2019
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Apple Watch through vitality

Overall very good easy to use and easy to get everything through on time.

Reviewed on 23rd June 2019
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Quick & Easy way forward

A simple and easy step in the right direction when it comes to buying items and spreading the cost without the extortionate interest rates most other companies usually apply. I'm a big fan...

Reviewed on 22nd June 2019
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So good Iā€™d use them again, really helpful service

Reviewed on 21st June 2019
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Excellent service

Never had any trouble getting in contact with them if we need too. Helpful.

Reviewed on 19th June 2019
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Def use again

Was really easy to apply got kept up to date saying when monthly payment was coming out and when it was successful every month

Reviewed on 18th June 2019
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Joanne green

It was a quick and easy payment plan

It was easy to set up and the online account management made it easier to manage the. All-in-all, everything I would expect.

Reviewed on 14th June 2019
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Pritie Patel

Good experience

Easy and reliable to use afford it

Reviewed on 13th June 2019
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Shanty Abraham

Straightforward & simple finance.

The arrangement & application process for finance with Afford It Now couldn't have been easier & clearer. Once applied, the finance was authorised quickly & smoothly. Recommend.

Reviewed on 12th June 2019
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Anthony Virtue

Great customer service

I contacted Afford It Now team once and they were very prompt in replying. They answered my query in a very professional manner.... Read more

I contacted Afford It Now team once and they were very prompt in replying. They answered my query in a very professional manner.
On a second occasion they contacted me to advise they made a mistake but they corrected it straight away. I was impressed by them being so proactive and courteous. I highly recommend Afford It Now.

Reviewed on 11th June 2019
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Lina Ivanova


They offer excellent customer service.

Reviewed on 11th June 2019
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Arlene Villareal

Easy to access

The ease of getting assessed is phenomenal

Reviewed on 11th June 2019
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A Khanna

Will definitely recommend this company

Quick and easy to apply. Quick to answer queries via telephone. Staff are approachable and friendly

Reviewed on 10th June 2019
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Roilan Maranan

Does what it says on the tin

As the title, they were quick and efficient to get the job done and that's about it. Don't really hear from them so assuming they are getting my payments

Reviewed on 10th June 2019
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Private registration

Very easy process to complete all documentation and legalities for new reg

Reviewed on 10th June 2019
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I have had a a few short term loans with this company through my vitality plan and they are really good at keeping you up to date with where you are up to and any issues that may have occurred

Reviewed on 10th June 2019
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