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Efficient, helpful staff and communication

Have been a customer for years now and never had any issues. Whenever I had a query, they sorted it quickly and efficiently.

Reviewed on 14th August 2022
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Angela Primante


Every time I needed PlaneSaver the staff were just amazing! They understand and appreciate the fact that you need their help. They listen to you, but most importantly they respect you.

Reviewed on 14th August 2022
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Extremely helpful and friendly and offer great services

Whenever I need to call and ask for help they always greet me with a bubbly friendly attitude and continue to show great patience and helpfulness until the end of the call

Reviewed on 14th August 2022
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Amazing service

Plane saver are amazing and very helpful, the customer service agents are always helpful when I have contacted them

Reviewed on 14th August 2022
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I'm impressed

Whenever I contact Plane Saver they answer the phone quickly, efficiently and professionally. They always sort my query promptly

Reviewed on 13th August 2022
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Anne Upton

Excellent service and could not recommend Plane Saver highly enough

Since joining Plane Saver we have invested and saved so much more than a yet else . We have earned more interest than anywhere else too Highly rates and trustworthy organisation. .

Reviewed on 13th August 2022
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jocelyn reid

the best

excellent communications, brilliant performance excellent customer services

Reviewed on 13th August 2022
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Best credit union

I’ve been with Plane Saver for over 20 years, they are always helpful, kind & professional. I always recommend them to new employees.

Reviewed on 13th August 2022
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Sandy Barton

Customer service

Very helpful Very efficient Very quick

Reviewed on 13th August 2022
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Very likely to recommend

Very easy and straightforward, professional staff who are always willing to help and answer

Reviewed on 13th August 2022
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David grubert

A personal service with good products.

With PS for over 3 years. Always willing to assist and advise on a range products and financial options.

Reviewed on 13th August 2022
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App easy to use and professional, friendly staff

Operators answer the phone promptly and they are very knowledgeable on their field of work and can offer suggestions and advice on the best options to your request. App is very easy to use once you register.

Reviewed on 13th August 2022
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Mario Failla

They also give good interest rates on savings!

Nothing more to say! I've been a customer for over 30 years and never had a problem!

Reviewed on 13th August 2022
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Davvid Morrison

Best Credit Union

Helped me in my hour of need when I desperately needed a loan to fund my son’s pilot training course thus avoiding remortgaging of my house. Thank You Planesaver!!

Reviewed on 13th August 2022
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C Monserrate

Efficient easy to deal with

Money taken direct from payroll be it loan or savings very easy to use great staff in the office’s

Reviewed on 13th August 2022
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Mick Staines

Credit union for people

For this credit union you are more then just a number on the credit agencies ,you are a member and you fell like one when you need help.

Reviewed on 13th August 2022
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Eu Me

Friendly service

Really helpful customer service and very prompt when you call.

Reviewed on 13th August 2022
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Daksha Gohil


Can't say enough about staff very friendly and knowledgeable.

Reviewed on 13th August 2022
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Jimmy Whittaker

Best Credit Union

Best Credit Union Reliable professional trustful knowledgeable

Reviewed on 13th August 2022
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Rob C

Very Reliable

I have been with Plansaver since it started over 20 years ago. I have always had amazing service and prompt action on any issues.

Reviewed on 13th August 2022
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