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Quoteline Direct: Car Insurance reviews

Based on 6 reviews, last reviewed 9th Oct 2023
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Good customer service I've had great customer service from this company. Always happy to help and it was the cheapest for me as well. Very good company. Reviewed on: 5th September 2018
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Lou Mcarthur

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Fraud company - do not trust I purchased car insurance from quoteline direct last month for an annual premium of £483. I had to cancel the policy today and they charged me: - £6... Read more Reviewed on: 9th October 2023
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Star Gazer

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Quoteline Direct Car Insurance reviews (6)

Fraud company - do not trust

I purchased car insurance from quoteline direct last month for an annual premium of £483. I had to cancel the policy today and they charged me: - £60 cancellation fee which is fine - £180 commission that they have lost from moneysupermarket is also charged to me, this is absolutely ridiculous....rather than concentrating on providing car insurance service, there are fraud companies like this that are purely operating to con people out of their money by inserting a small print in the terms of business...steer clear of this unethical lot! Reviewed on: 9th October 2023
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Star Gazer

Extortionate Cancellation Fees

I took out a policy on a pick up truck "Van" on the 27th July 2023. However on the 8th September 2023 I sold the vehicle. I contacted the help desk to explain the situation and investigate the changing of the policy to another vehicle or to cancel it. I explored the transfer of the policy from a "van" to a "car" but was informed that the policy would need to be cancelled and a new one taken out. I was then informed that my refund for the 44 days of insurance out of a total of 365 if the policy was cancelled would be £8.43. Initial cost was £164.06. If the policy was "transferred" then the discount on a new policy would be £58.86. At this point I said "forget it" and informed said that I would be making a complaint. I did not ask for the policy to be cancelled and I assumed saying forget it would result in no further action being taken. Why would I cancel a policy with 321 days to run for a meagre £8.43 as you never know I may acquire a van in that time? I was surprised to then find a message informing me that the policy had been cancelled as of the 14th September 2023. I am now in dispute with the company. I understand that a pro-rata refund for insurance is not usually available as the cost of setting up a policy negates this, but less than 5% refund for 44 days of insurance? Reviewed on: 20th September 2023
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Peter Hanney


Shocking customer service experience.. needed to change the vehicle over made over 5 calls and been passed around and not getting the query resolved. Got hung up and then I have called back to get the insurance issue resolved but same outcome. I am really disappointed as I couldn’t drive my car as Quote line direct staff unhelpful with zero customer service skills as rude and not willing to help.. All calls are recorded u can check I have been calm and polite to get this resolved but seems like the staff dont really care about there customers . PS issue still haven’t resolved and I am waiting for a call back but seems like I will need to call again .. very disappointing.. quoteline direct should have a review system where after every call customer gets a txt message to input there feedback that way you can see how your staff is dealing with the calls . Reviewed on: 5th October 2022
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Amit Jassal

Good price, not so good customer service

I received a good quote through this company however, there was a query with some papaerwork etc and this caused major issues which resulted in my insurance almost being cancelled. The customer service was not brilliant to say the least. Reviewed on: 11th July 2019
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laura corrigan

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