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Reactive Insurance: Appliance Insurance reviews

Based on 10 reviews, last reviewed 14th Nov 2023
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Should be zero stars Review for reactive claims Only wished that I had read other poor reviews of this company before taking out a policy with these I can not unders... Read more Reviewed on: 14th November 2023
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M a

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Are you looking for Reactive Insurance appliance insurance reviews? At Smart Money People, people like you leave their Reactive Insurance reviews so that others can make better decisions about which appliance insurance to choose. If you've already used Reactive Insurance for their appliance insurance, why not leave a review of your own and share your insight. With the power of your reviews, we're changing financial services for the better.

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Reactive Insurance Appliance Insurance reviews (10)

Should be zero stars

Review for reactive claims Only wished that I had read other poor reviews of this company before taking out a policy with these I can not understand how they expect to take on new customers with such poor reviews and I have already warned many people friends and family not to use these , and I am now warning others on here to avoid these at all costs The way they have handled my bonafide claim is nothing short of disgusting , asking for many weeks for extra information only to overlook this information completely when making their pathetic offer , which leads me to think that it was just a stalking technique which has had me wasting many hours Please as a warning , do not use this company and even when purchasing through multi or any comparison websites , please check if these are the claim handlers as the insurance is simply not worth having … go with a reputable company who cares about their customers and actually pay out on what you think you have covered Reviewed on: 14th November 2023
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M a


DO NOT use Multitrip Insurance because this so called company are the underwriters. They are absolutely useless and do not pay on on legitimate claims. Make you out to be a liar and the whole thing is a sham You think that you are insuring with a reputable company like Multitrip but these cowboys are behind it. PLEASE BE AWARE AND DO NOT USE. Reviewed on: 6th October 2023


My cocker broke they left me with out a cocker for 7 weeks and still have no like for like my cocker cost me £700 and they want to offer me £200 for a settle meant they don’t do like for like a d they don’t like to buy the original product Ovid this company with all cost Reviewed on: 24th May 2022
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Jane Choules

Basically a scam

No response after submitting claim and multiple follow up. Don't think I'm getting my claim, should not have even bothered getting it cause I don't think I'm getting my claim. Feels basically like a scam. Reviewed on: 10th May 2022
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Shawn Tan

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