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Scam My cocker broke they left me with out a cocker for 7 weeks and still have no like for like my cocker cost me £700 and they want to offer me £200 for a... Read more Reviewed on: 24th May 2022

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Reactive Insurance Appliance Insurance reviews (8)


My cocker broke they left me with out a cocker for 7 weeks and still have no like for like my cocker cost me £700 and they want to offer me £200 for a settle meant they don’t do like for like a d they don’t like to buy the original product Ovid this company with all cost Reviewed on: 24th May 2022

Basically a scam

No response after submitting claim and multiple follow up. Don't think I'm getting my claim, should not have even bothered getting it cause I don't think I'm getting my claim. Feels basically like a scam. Reviewed on: 10th May 2022
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Shawn Tan

Appalling Service

Reactive Insurance Solutions are a disgrace. They promise a lot, look impressive but fail to deal with complaints or refund monies promised. Having cancelled my policy, at the end of my contract, they have failed to inform tge Finance Company causing additional distress and difficulty. I would strongly advise against trusting this company. Reviewed on: 9th September 2019

Disgrace of a company

This company is absolute disgrace the way it treats customers - I was owed money form October 2018 - yes 2018. I also had to wait 7 months for dishwasher to be repaired in 2016 so surprised this company is still in business !! Anyway despite many calls and emails and reactive insurance promises to pay this never happens, I have had no choose but to go to the “Sagic” the under writes and they got involved and nearly 2 months later they decided to pay as reactive are not covered under Financial services authority so be very aware using them as the financial ombudsman can’t get involved if your not happy with them. You have to go to Sagic for any response as reactive won’t do anything and not interested. I received token emails from Ben Colliss who is incompetent to say the least, shame as the lads on the phones are extremely helpful when you call and try but feel the company is in financial difficulties as they don’t even pay suppliers see other reviews on here.who has also placed many shocking reviews. Don’t use them as they operate with shocking management and to wait nearly 6 months to be paid with no apology is a disgrace - I will leave a more detailed review on trust pilot. How ever they are very clever at having complaints removed from trustpilot so will see Reviewed on: 26th March 2019
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