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Sainsburys Bank: Critical Illness reviews

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WHAT A PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR A BANKING SERVICE WHY? read on... I have a Sainsbury's online savings account. I used it to temporarily (or so I thought) store some money from old accounts as I ... Read more Reviewed on: 9th April 2022
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About the Critical Illness

Sainsburys Bank critical illness reviews from our Smart Money People can help you to find out more about Sainsburys Bank before you choose to buy a policy with them. If you have experience of using this company, you too can write an Sainsburys Bank critical illness review. Together, we can help to increase trust and transparency in financial services.

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Sainsburys Bank Critical Illness reviews (2)


WHY? read on... I have a Sainsbury's online savings account. I used it to temporarily (or so I thought) store some money from old accounts as I have streamlined my finances. The issue is: Now that I have cleaned up my finances and have decided to get the money out of my Sainsbury's saving account I SIMPLY CANNOT. I enter details of longstanding traditional bank based current accounts and even newly created online current accounts and their system simply refuses to accept them "There's been a problem....." with no explanation the pointless "contact us" phone number 0808 540 5060 is utterly futile as you go through a load of waiting and entering options and acc' details etc to be told there's either tech problems or this particular service is currently unavailable?? [They should re-record their message to list all the things they can't do - it'd save "customers" a TON of pointless activity] So in effect they have my money and wont give me access so I can transfer it and I have NO means to sort it out - Customer Serice non existent [tick] Systems that continually crash / unavailable [tick] I can't wait to see the back of them - they are the worst (masquerading as a) bank I have ever had dealings with. Reviewed on: 9th April 2022
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Mike Taylor

failed to deliver

When my 21-year-old son Euan wanted to visit Prague at the beginning of February, I did the right thing and took out insurance to cover his trip, especially as he is a type 1 diabetic. It was not a cheap policy. My son needs his telephone to read his blood glucose levels so when on day 2, his telephone got smashed after he dropped his bag crossing the road, we had a bit of a nightmare to try and keep him safe. One of his kind friends lent him her telephone so he could make sure he didn't enter hyperglycemia through raised glucose levels. I thought we had gone to a reputable company to take out insurance so Sainsbury's will make sure that we are OK. That could not be further from the truth. It's now April 9th and we have yet to receive anything other than an automated reply to our claim and subsequent (3) emails. Each time, we are told that we will have an answer within 14 days, but it never comes. I had to replace his telephone immediately so that he can read his blood glucose levels to stay alive, but Sainsbury's doesn't give a damn. #insurance #sainsburys #diabetes Sainsbury's insurance is run by CSAL. If you think you are buying insurance from Sainsbury's, the reality is that once they have taken your commission from the policy, they have NO further involvement. Do NOT under any circumstances trust Sainsbury's to deliver. I will be writing next to the insurance Ombudsman. Reviewed on: 9th April 2022
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Clare Mutsaars

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