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Based on 26 reviews, last reviewed 24th Sep 2022
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Latest highest rating: 4

Problem Fixed I had an issue with Autonet and escalated my issue to the complaints department. My complaint was resolved fairly and to my satisfaction. Reviewed on: 24th April 2018
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Latest lowest rating: 1

Let downs Left me right in the shit paid 800 for full year insurance and because I made an enquiry on an old policy not a claim they have now cancelled my polic... Read more Reviewed on: 24th September 2022

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Autonet Insurance Van Insurance reviews (26)

Let downs

Left me right in the shit paid 800 for full year insurance and because I made an enquiry on an old policy not a claim they have now cancelled my policy saying I should of declared it even tho its not a clain and told me cheapest they can do now is 1700 pound and offered me 550 back absolute arse holes messed me right up for work now especially when got 2 baby's to feed absolute let downs Reviewed on: 24th September 2022

Beware of this company

Terrible company... Be aware when you insure with Autonet, your not actually with them direct. I paid Autonet was insured by Swindon Insurance who was a broker for Southern Rock insurance, the finance is completed with Close Brothers Finance, but the tool cover is with RSA Group. 1 POLICY 5 COMANYS TO DEAL WITH. They are quick to cancel your policy and add charges! BEWARE Reviewed on: 24th September 2022
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Luke harrod


Horrible experience and Autonet refused to pay back money owed. Reviewed on: 27th April 2022
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Chewy Kee

Rip Off - read the small print as you can't get out of their policies

Just another usncrupulous insurance company. As soon as you need to make any changes to your policy you will discover that you can't. You're locked in and the fees to get out are extortionate. Reviewed on: 26th April 2022
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