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Be Careful! I filled all details of a claim I made 3 years ago when an unknown driver hit my car when parked in the road outside my house when I was looking to re... Read more Reviewed on: 15th March 2021

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Avoid Sharks. Shady utter con artists. Trading standards looking into them Reviewed on: 2nd March 2023
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Autonet Insurance Insurance Broker reviews (86)


Sharks. Shady utter con artists. Trading standards looking into them Reviewed on: 2nd March 2023
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Bunch of cowboys avoid these lot at any cost Reviewed on: 11th February 2023

Keep Persisting

They advised me that i owed them £120 quid because i hadnt phoned them to let them know i was going with another insurance company. I cancelled the DD before the renewal date, they the tried to set it up again which they cant do without my permission. They sent me multiple texts, emails and letters advising that further legal action would take place if i didnt pay the money. I then sent them a handwritten letter that i disputed the charge, along with proof that i had cancelled the DD previously plus a copy of an e-mail that i sent to them which they never replied to. Eventually today i got a letter saying the account was closed. Dont pay them and keep going. It took 3 months but its over now-awful company Reviewed on: 24th November 2022

Cancellation fee

Says £50 cancellation on docs and they want £109 which is more than what is left to pay for the year, would expect to pay a few quid cancellation but not more than 4 months worth of payments, looks like they are experts in ripping people off, shouldn’t be allowed in the business in my opinion and wouldn’t recommend or use them again Reviewed on: 29th September 2022
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Dan Fairey

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