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5 reviews

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Claim declined

This company have no intention of paying out any claims , and will try anything to avoid payment . A bunch of London spivs .

Reviewed on 19th July 2021
Daniel Cox's avatar
Daniel Cox

Lovely, friendly company as the name suggests

I have had a positive experience with British Friendly who gave me the cover I needed fro income protection. they have always been fast to respond with my queries and offer good rates for their product.

Reviewed on 18th February 2021
Rachel H's avatar
Rachel H

Proper unprofessional waste of time

Never buy policy from this company full of scam, your clam never will be successful at any cost, I ever een 1st company who tells to client with decision cancel your policy wht joke

Reviewed on 4th December 2020
Amrr LI's avatar
Amrr LI

Excellent Value

This is a great company with excellent value products and the staff are friendly just like their... Read more

This is a great company with excellent value products and the staff are friendly just like their name.

Their Mutual Benefits scheme offers lots of extras at no extra cost such as second opinions from doctors, high street discounts, counselling, wills and power of attorney registrations.

They also offer self-employed policies.

Reviewed on 6th July 2019
Rachel H's avatar
Rachel H

Iordache Petrica

These people are real professionals. Hats off!

Reviewed on 20th November 2018
Iordache Petrica's avatar
Iordache Petrica