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BUPA: Travel Insurance reviews

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About the Travel Insurance

Do you buy travel insurance before going abroad? There are hundreds of different travel insurance policies on the market, all designed to help you stay protected while travelling...and giving you piece of mind, whether you're enjoying a sun swept beach or on an adverture-packed holiday. But with so many different policies to choose from, finding the right policy for you can be quite confusing. Reading our BUPA travel insurance reviews can help you find out what other travellers have to say. You can also write your BUPA travel insurance review too!

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BUPA Travel Insurance reviews (1)

Don't buy last minute as you won't receive documents in time.

BUPA Travel Insurance looks good from the comparison charts, but if you are buying it within a couple of days of departure particularly if you are travelling at short notice then this insurance is not for you. BUPA do not send you your travel insurance documents by e-mail like other companies do. I discovered this once payment had been taken from my card, had I known this beforehand I would not have bought it. Why? Well I had booked my travel the evening before I wished to travel due to a family emergency, and bought my travel insurance in the morning before leaving. So I ended up travelling with a travel insurance reference number and a telephone number for BUPA if I needed to make a claim whilst away. My insurance documents arrived in the post two weeks after I had bought the insurance and a week after I had arrived home. Sorry BUPA but this was absolutely of no use to me at all. So the moral of this is, if you need last minute travel insurance don't buy from BUPA. Reviewed on: 4th November 2015
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