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Cashplus, an Advanced Payment Solutions brand, now offer credit cards too! If you have a Cashplus credit card, please leave your own review today on Smart Money People.

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483 reviews

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Worst bank I have ever dealt with

We have conducted a thorough investigation into your complaint. Please see a summary of... Read more

We have conducted a thorough investigation into your complaint. Please see a summary of findings:
• On ** February 2021, you contacted Cashplus Customer Services to explain that you had
mistakenly made a series of transfers to your Cashplus Business Credit Card instead of your
Business Bank Account. This resulted in an overpayment on your Credit Card of £*,****.** at
that time.
• Customer Services explained that they would be unable to transfer funds from the account
and advised that you would need to spend the funds directly from your card or withdraw it
in cash.
• On * March, you asked that the Credit Card be closed and made a further request to have
the overpayment refunded to you. On this occasion the request was escalated to another
• I sincerely apologise that you did not receive a response to this request until **th March. The
response again stated that, as your card was active, you must spend or remove the funds
from the card.
• Separate to the above request, Cashplus Complaints Department received your email on **th
March and reviewed your account. It was acknowledged that, because your cash
withdrawals were limited to £25.00 at a time, it was unreasonable to expect you to remove
the overpayment in this way, and that the overpayment was clearly the result of an
unintended weekly Standing Order
What I of course didn't appreciate was:
- Hours (since 17 Feb 2021) spent calling for a reasonable request, albeit my mistake, but as you said, perhaps I should have been notified and I do not believe I ever requested this credit card, which presented just problems. This having a knock on effect elsewhere of course.
- Different reasoning / SLA's / no coherence / no recall of my previous requests.
- Emailing the complaint department and asked to chase around in circles, as no secure method of communication is in place.

Reviewed on 22nd April 2021
T's avatar

Excellent card to have

This is a good bank with excellent customer service support. They are also a responsible lender.

Reviewed on 16th April 2021
Saeed's avatar

Easy access

Easy enough to use no hassle and definitely no pressure from Cashplus

Reviewed on 16th April 2021
Peter Mayers 's avatar
Peter Mayers

Very very helpful

I have found them to be very helpful and friendly.

Reviewed on 15th April 2021
Tracey Hibberd's avatar
Tracey Hibberd

Realistic credit limit and very efficient

Efficient application process realistic limit easy to read statement and very good customer service

Reviewed on 15th April 2021
Alan Thomas's avatar
Alan Thomas

Great service

Polite and great services easyvpayments

Reviewed on 15th April 2021 's avatar

Great and trustworthy

Easy to use, highly recommended

Reviewed on 15th April 2021
John Barrett's avatar
John Barrett

Very helpful

They have just increased my limit , very useful for emergencies.

Reviewed on 15th April 2021
David Waller's avatar
David Waller

Great Service

A friendly customer focused bank with regular clear and helpful communications, Seamless service.

Reviewed on 15th April 2021
Tim Yeowell's avatar
Tim Yeowell


Cashplus Bank are great, helpful and caring, simple.

Reviewed on 15th April 2021
DYAN COKE's avatar


I have been with cashplus for many years, and can definitely say they have protected me well in terms of securing my account.

Reviewed on 15th April 2021
Ruth Kosu's avatar
Ruth Kosu


Quick, easy to apply, and no-hassle on app download and use

Reviewed on 15th April 2021
Albert Tafireyi's avatar
Albert Tafireyi

Wonderful Service

great service, no pressure, up to date checks, keep you well informed

Reviewed on 15th April 2021
Daveybeno's avatar

Great bank.

This bank helped me out in a time of need, they also helped me get a better credit score. Staff were very helpful when I rang up for information etc.

Reviewed on 15th April 2021's avatar


Always there when others ( Banks ) did not want to know.

Reviewed on 15th April 2021
R B's avatar

Cashplus great

I have always had good customer service with cashplus and now it's a bank I am sure that the very good customer service will continue

Reviewed on 15th April 2021
Dale's avatar

Cashplus 5 stars all the way

Highly recommend cashplus Great customer service Fabulous app

Reviewed on 15th April 2021
Adele's avatar

Easy to use bank

In the years l have been with Cashplus and now they are a bank l have only had to call them about a small problem a couple of times and it was dealt with quickly and efficiently , a good service , please carry on like that as it makes for happy customers.

Reviewed on 15th April 2021
Martyn Pratt's avatar
Martyn Pratt

Excellent service

Since joining up with Cashplus, the service and staff have been excellent. No issues with any queries I had. Everything explained clearly in a professional and friendly manner.

Reviewed on 15th April 2021
LC's avatar

Very good bank with online banking

I have always had help for the bank with friendly staff all had updates about my account and lot of help through the Covid-19 very good bank

Reviewed on 15th April 2021
Bharat Patel's avatar
Bharat Patel