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Citibank: Citigold Current Account reviews

Based on 8 reviews, last reviewed 19th Feb 2024
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RM didn't reply to emails. RM didn't reply to emails. Couldn't create an ISA stock & share account. Reviewed on: 19th February 2024
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This product has not received a review of either 1 or 2 stars.

About the Citigold Current Account

The Citibank Citigold Current Account provides a single debit card for use with multiple currencies. Account holders can quickly switch between GBP, Euros and US Dollars. The account also has no transaction fees for international transfers, as well as offering annual travel insurance.

If you frequently travel internationally, organising different currencies can be a challenge. A multiple-currency current account can make this easier, but how well does it shape up? Read our Citibank Citigold Current Account reviews to learn more about the account and provider.

Find out from genuine account holders how simple it is to switch currencies with the Citigold Current Account. Learn about the mobile banking app and the features and benefits it has. Read about experiences with Citibank’s customer service team to find out how well the provider treats its customers. Find out if account holders have used the complimentary travel insurance provided with the account. Make an informed decision when opening your new account by reading our Citibank Citigold Current Account reviews.

If you have a Citigold Current Account, leave an honest review on Smart Money People today. Why did you choose this account? Share your experience with the application process - was it easy or difficult to open the account? What’s your favourite thing about the account, and is there anything you feel could be improved? Are you satisfied with the features of the mobile banking app? Share any experiences you’ve had with the customer service team. Whether good or bad, write a Citibank Citigold Current Account review. Together, we can help people like you make better financial decisions.

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Citibank Citigold Current Account reviews (8)

RM didn't reply to emails.

RM didn't reply to emails. Couldn't create an ISA stock & share account. Reviewed on: 19th February 2024
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Easy to use

Great account with easy to use App . Reviewed on: 12th August 2023
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Great account

Easy to set up and operate. Excellent customer service. Reviewed on: 17th January 2023
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Guru Singh

Fantastic customer service

Citi have been amazing to deal with, top quality consistent service every time and never had any issues! Reviewed on: 12th January 2022
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Conor Jay

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