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Subject: A Disheartening Experience with Covea Insurance Dear Covea Insurance, I am writing to express my profound disappointment and frustration with my recent experience as a customer of Covea Insurance.... Read more Reviewed on: 15th September 2023

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Covéa Insurance offers a range of business insurance products focused on the SME market, ranging from motor fleet, retail and combined commercial. Read and write Covéa Business Insurance reviews at Smart Money People to help other customers find out what life as a Covéa Business Insurance customer is really like.

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Covea Insurance Business Insurance reviews (3)

Subject: A Disheartening Experience with Covea Insurance

Dear Covea Insurance, I am writing to express my profound disappointment and frustration with my recent experience as a customer of Covea Insurance. While I aim to convey my dissatisfaction without resorting to slander or libel, it is imperative that my concerns are heard and addressed. My journey with Covea Insurance began with the expectation that your company would provide support and protection during times of crisis, as insurance is intended to do. Regrettably, my experience has been quite the opposite. Instead of feeling reassured, I have found myself grappling with a sense of betrayal and disillusionment. One of the most disheartening aspects of my experience with Covea Insurance is the perception that your company places its own interests above those of your customers. It is deeply disconcerting to feel that, when we needed you the most, Covea's policies seemed more like illusions designed to evade payment rather than genuine support. In times of distress, we turned to Covea Insurance only to be met with outdated rules and an apparent reluctance to fulfill your obligations. The departure of your former CEO, who never showed genuine interest in the well-being or continuity of our family business, added to our distress. We entered into our insurance agreement with Covea in good faith, believing that we were forming a partnership built on trust and integrity. However, it has become abundantly clear that this faith was misplaced. It is my sincere hope that Covea Insurance will take a long, hard look at the way it conducts business and serves its customers. The experiences of countless individuals and businesses like mine should serve as a wake-up call. We placed our trust in Covea with the expectation that you would be there to support us when we needed you most. Instead, we have been left feeling deceived and unsupported. As a potential turning point for Covea Insurance, the appointment of a new CEO presents an opportunity for change. I implore the new leadership to reconsider the claims and concerns of your disappointed customers, to reevaluate your policies and practices, and to prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of those you are meant to serve. In conclusion, I write this not out of spite or malice, but out of a genuine desire for improvement and fairness. I hope that Covea Insurance can learn from the past and emerge as a company that truly cares for its customers. Until then, I feel compelled to warn potential customers to exercise caution when considering Covea Insurance, as my experience has left me deeply skeptical of the company's commitment to its clients. Sincerely Reviewed on: 15th September 2023

Deceitful Company

Switched insurance to Covea for the first time this year. We had a forklift secured in a barbed wire compound that was stolen and they are refusing to pay out, saying it is stored in the open. Not only is that a load of BS the only way to find this exclusion is to click on a tiny link in the small print of their quote, on that link there are multiple documents to download and in one of these about 150 pages long there is one line about this exclusion half way through. There's no mention of it in the standard exclusions in the quote or the statement of fact. They may end up not having to pay out but they won't be getting any more business from me in the future. I like to deal with companies that are up front and honest and don't try and squirm every which way to avoid paying you. Avoid! Reviewed on: 1st July 2022
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Brad Temple


Absolute disaster from start to finish. Poor communication throughout. Ended up paying £10,000 out of company funds to have a replacement heating system installed as anything I tried to claim for wasn't covered. Reviewed on: 10th December 2020
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