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Covea Insurance: Home Insurance reviews

Based on 8 reviews, last reviewed 23rd Mar 2023
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House Insurance at it's best Quality home Insurance with good sums insured and excess. Reviewed on: 25th September 2017
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Debbie Adams

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Paid into personal accident insurance they only offered 10% Never know a company try to get out of paying like Covea insurance did, only tried to offer me 10% of what I should have got under what they call a go... Read more Reviewed on: 23rd March 2023
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Philip Davies

About the Home Insurance

Before taking out a new insurance policy, check customer reviews to gain insight into the provider. At Smart Money People, we collect Covea Insurance home insurance reviews to help you make an informed decision.

Covea Insurance offers buildings and contents policies, with a discount available when you purchase both. Both policies can be made more comprehensive with the available additional extras. These include worldwide personal belongings cover, legal protection, bicycle cover, accidental damage and more.

Read our Covea home insurance reviews to find out how satisfied existing customers are with their cover. Learn which policies they took out and whether they included any additional extras. Find out more about the sign-up process and the customer service provided by Covea. Learn about the claims process and more. Read the reviews on Smart Money People to be confident in your new home insurance provider.

Have you had a home insurance policy with Covea? Write an honest Covea home insurance review today. Tell us which policy you chose and whether you included any additional extras. What drew you to insure with Covea, and would you renew your policy? Would you recommend the provider to family and friends? Have you made a claim on your policy, and if so, how well was it handled? Whether good or bad, leave a review. Together, we can help people like you make better financial decisions.

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Covea Insurance Home Insurance reviews (8)

Paid into personal accident insurance they only offered 10%

Never know a company try to get out of paying like Covea insurance did, only tried to offer me 10% of what I should have got under what they call a good will gesture, for a life changeing personal accident, Just forget about going with them because they are hell bent on Not paying out, look at the reviews, Where's my own company insurance had no problem in paying out 100% That's the difference on insurance companies ! So don't waste money paying them every month ! Reviewed on: 23rd March 2023
Philip Davies's avatar
Philip Davies

Unfit for purpose. Deserves zero stars

Completely unfit for purpose & a waste of money. My mother (in her 70s) has spent over £400+ per year on these people who basically did nothing in the one claim she attempted to make with them. Offered absolutely no help whatsoever with guttering that fell across her front door because she had the "wrong type of rain" when the guttering fell, leaving her completely vulnerable. Complete waste of money and very unethical practices. Avoid. Reviewed on: 22nd October 2022
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Theft claim refusal

Following a plant trailer theft and damage to a commercial vehicle we discovered we had the misfortune to have had insurance with Covea for the plant trailer. The vehicle damage was dealt with promptly by NI G insurance and paid within weeks. The other claim has run on for months, no one from Covea has bothered to visit site to assess the details and has finally been refused. We have now lodged a dispute with the Financial Onbudsman. I would avoid this company at all cost. Reviewed on: 16th August 2022
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D Armstrong

Husband died and Covea did not pay out.

Husband died and had a life insurance policy with Dead happy which is underwritten by Covea. I received a letter in the December to say they would pay the claim and to send through the Grant of probate. Had a thank you card from Winstons wishes for their payout in March and Then had an letter to say they weren’t paying out. The stress and anxiety this has caused has been awful. Covea have been uncaring and unsupportive throughout this and have made an already bad time absolutely horrendous. Reviewed on: 5th June 2022
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Claire White

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