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Debenhams: Gadget Insurance reviews

Based on 15 reviews, last reviewed 16th Jun 2022
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Excellent service Made a claim online for a damaged mobile phone and this was approved the following working day. Able to take the phone to an Apple Store to be repaire... Read more Reviewed on: 3rd July 2019
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TAURUS ARE A CRIMINAL ORGANISATION They will not pay out on genuine claims. They will stall you at every stage. They are based in Gibraltar and regulated through a shady business model.... Read more Reviewed on: 16th June 2022
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Charles Manchester

About the Gadget Insurance

A well known UK department store, Debenhams also offers a wide range of own-branded insurance products including Debenahms Gadget Insurance. Debenhams Gadget Insurance is arranged and administered by Taurus Insurance Services Limited, an insurance intermediary licenced and authorised in Gibraltar by the Financial Services Commission under Licence Number FSC00757B and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK. You can write your own Debenhams Gadget Insurance reviews at Smart Money People to help other people find out what life as a Debenhams Insurance customer is really like.

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Debenhams Gadget Insurance reviews (15)


They will not pay out on genuine claims. They will stall you at every stage. They are based in Gibraltar and regulated through a shady business model. They are criminals and do not pay out as a rule. Reviewed on: 16th June 2022
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Charles Manchester

Should be disgusted with themselves

-100 STARS THAT IS HOW BAD!! PLEASE I BEG YOU DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE!1 WOULND NOT WISH THIS COMPANY ON MY WORST ENEMEY!! Thats how bad they are!! Just do not do it - there are millions better one. I have has all different types of insurance but this beyond belief of how bad! I just seriously how can this company be still operating. Reviewed on: 18th November 2020
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Avoid these guys were possible. They have had my laptop for over a month now only for me to finally get a hold of them and them to say they wont fix it (despite me paying for insurance for three years) will offer me vouchers instead and are refusing to send the laptop back as apparently they now own it and all their contents. Very shady people. Reviewed on: 17th November 2020
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I have been discussing this with taurus for weeks. It seems they will do anything to avoid paying out. Be warmed !! THEY WILL DO ANYTHING TO AVOID PAYING OUT Be warned ! they seem happy to fix phones etc. However, reading the reviews it seems when you actually lose your phone they don't want to pay you...they don't want to fork out the big bucks to pay and will find any reason to refute your claim! If you look at other review websites they have significantly lower scores! I am nothing short of disgusted with this service. I have never dealt with such a badly run company in my life, asking for all manner of documents such as travel documents (even though I lost my phone in the UK) and all in the obvious hope I would get bored and give up! Well...I have no intention on giving up and I will go to the ombudsman, resolver etc until this is fixed and Taurus do the right thing and pay me what I am owed !! Also, whilst this claims process has been dragged out unnecessarily, they have charged me again for this months for what...the phone is lost! Seems like more ways to squeeze money. PLEASE EVERYONE AVOID AND SIMPLY PICK A MARGINALLY MORE EXPENSIVE PROVIDER - IT WILL SAVE YOU A LOT OF TIME AND HASSLE !!! Reviewed on: 10th February 2020
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b park

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