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Don't bother! My Easyjet flight was cancelled while we waited to board on the 24th June 22. Despite filling the forms and providing documentation 3 times we still h... Read more Reviewed on: 3rd January 2023

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EasyJet Travel Insurance reviews (5)

Don't bother!

My Easyjet flight was cancelled while we waited to board on the 24th June 22. Despite filling the forms and providing documentation 3 times we still have not been paid. The insurer or broker is Collinson or I think Collin and his son working out ot their bedrooms. Don't buy from them they're useless. Reviewed on: 3rd January 2023

EasyJet travel insurance - Collins Insurance

I took the insurance in October for a trip to Island. Prior to this, I went to Italy where I caught Covid. Tested positive 2 days before my trip to Island. I have notified EasyJet, provided the insurance company with all relevant documents yet somehow I still don't have my money I paid for the tickets to Iceland. Absolute lack of communication from the insurance company, shocking service. Never again. Reviewed on: 28th November 2022

Last minute cancellation

Our flight was booked early on a Sunday morning,June 19 and on June 18 was told by email that our flight was cancelled. Could not get another flight in time so cancelled our trip. When trying to claim on our travel insurance for the trip was told that we could only claim for outward trip as it was cancelled by them.Sorry,why if we could not get to Spain,could we not also claim for the return trip and also the £100 return bus fare to our final destination in Spain. Yes EasyJet travel insurance may seem the cheapest and easiest option,but like a lot of insurance companies of all types they do not like to pay out if they can get away without doing so. Reviewed on: 31st July 2022

Refuse to accept G.P. Letter saying cannot travel.

I took the insurance in October when I made a booking for a family of 5 to travel to Berlin on April 1st. My husband became I’ll about a week before that and had clear covid symptoms. He wasn’t unable to breathe but had distressing bouts of coughing which lasted for long periods. I tried to do a covid test but he couldn’t stop couching and sneezing and became very distressed. I rang the helpline and was told that I could take him to a test centre but the if he had the same response they couldn’t do anything else. He’s 73 and said he’d rather die than be hauled out of bed. It became obvious that he’d not be able to travel so I rang our G.P. Who spoke briefly.to him. He could hardly stop coughing and she said, thinking of his other symptoms including lost of smell etc, she’d say he was too I’ll to travel and when I explained Berlin expected negative test results she agreed to write an ‘unfit to travel’ letter which EasyJet have refused to accept. WHY DID I BOTHER . Reviewed on: 23rd April 2022

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