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Ecclesiastical Insurance: Home Insurance reviews

Based on 6 reviews, last reviewed 28th Aug 2023
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Great philanthropic company Very helpful customer care. Generously give away a lot of money to charities. Reviewed on: 26th August 2023
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Nicky Hatherell

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About the Home Insurance

Before committing to a new home insurance provider, check out customer reviews to gain valuable insight into the provider and its policies. We collect Ecclesiastical Insurance home insurance reviews to help you make an informed decision.

Ecclesiastical Insurance offers both buildings and contents cover, with a specialised home insurance policy available for members of the clergy. Policyholders can benefit from legal expenses and home emergency cover included with all standard policies. Discounts on your premium are available for anyone who volunteers with a registered charity.

Read our Ecclesiastical home insurance reviews to find out how existing customers rate their experiences. Learn what policies they opted for and whether they were satisfied with the price of their premium. Find out if they chose any additional extras and if they found them to be worthwhile. Learn more about the claims process and the provider’s customer service. All of this and more can be found in the reviews below..

Have you had a home insurance policy with Ecclesiastical Insurance? Share your experience with our Smart Money People community. Together, we can help people like you make better financial decisions. Tell us what policy you chose: was it buildings cover, contents cover (or both), or did you take out the clergy policy? Did you use the discount for charity volunteers, and if so, were you satisfied with the end price of your premium? Did you need to make a claim, and if so, how well was it handled? Whether good or bad, write an Ecclesiastical home insurance review today.

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Ecclesiastical Insurance Home Insurance reviews (6)

Generally good but a bit old fashioned to deal with.

I’ve been with ecclesiastical for a few years. Their advisers are always friendly and helpful. The price generally feels quite high though and I haven’t shopped around in a while so I couldn’t say if they’re good value or not. My only frustration is that they’re not easy to contact or deal with. Every interaction requires a phone call and response times are slow. Reviewed on: 28th August 2023
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Ed Hodges

Great philanthropic company

Very helpful customer care. Generously give away a lot of money to charities. Reviewed on: 26th August 2023
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Nicky Hatherell

Great Value Home Insurance from a not-for-profit company

Working from home, I've found it difficult to find appropriate home insurance. Ecclesiastical understood my circumstances and have provided excellent cover at a reasonable cost. Reviewed on: 14th October 2022
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Andrew Sillis

Most complete cover on the market

Competitively priced Home Insurance product that is also the most comprehensive in terms of coverage. Reviewed on: 12th August 2022
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