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Based on 28 reviews, last reviewed 9th Oct 2023
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Fantastic service Opened a 2 year bond with monthly interest ,great rate and as soon as funds hit the account was notified, first payment fell on a Sunday but money did... Read more Reviewed on: 9th October 2023

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Poor experience, best avoided The so called help desk seem not to have much banking knowledge. Unresponsive and don't seem knowledgeable, always take days to answer emails. I stron... Read more Reviewed on: 22nd June 2023
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About the Savings

Wondering if the savings accounts, either the fixed saver or the flexible saver from Ford Money is right for your savings? Read our Ford Money savings reviews written by people like you to help give you a better idea about what it's like to save money with the motoring giant. People leave reviews on things like interest rates, customer service, and anything else to do with Ford Money so that you can make better financial decisions. Leave your own Ford Money review today if you've already got money in one of their savings products, and you'll be helping our community.

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Ford Money Savings reviews (28)

Fantastic service

Opened a 2 year bond with monthly interest ,great rate and as soon as funds hit the account was notified, first payment fell on a Sunday but money didnt appear in my nominated account ,thought it would be as it fell on weekend, rang to confirm on Monday morning, phone answered within seconds to be told it would hit my account on Monday ,2 hours later it was there ,cannot fault them so if you are pondering please dont from my experience superb Reviewed on: 9th October 2023

Easy, no hassle

All done online. Easy to get through if you ring. Reviewed on: 11th August 2023
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Setting up account

I rang ford banking to resolve a password problem, very helpful lady who resolved it for me Reviewed on: 2nd August 2023
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Great rate!

I haven't had to experience their service channels such as telephone or online helpdesk yet but I am very happy with the monthly interest and the way they pass on the rate increases. Once set up it's easy to use if you like online banking. Initial sign up is a little faffy but ok Reviewed on: 21st July 2023
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Dawn Hughes

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