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Easy Easy to get it, they helped me what to do when travelling abroad. Reviewed on: 6th January 2018
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Sara Rosa

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About the Travel Insurance

Do you buy travel insurance before going abroad? There are hundreds of different travel insurance policies on the market, all designed to help you stay protected while travelling...and giving you piece of mind, whether you're enjoying a sun swept beach or on an adverture-packed holiday. But with so many different policies to choose from, finding the right policy for you can be quite confusing. Reading our Halifax travel insurance reviews can help you find out what other travellers have to say. You can also write your Halifax travel insurance review too!

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Halifax Travel Insurance reviews (5)


Easy to get it, they helped me what to do when travelling abroad. Reviewed on: 6th January 2018
Sara Rosa's avatar
Sara Rosa

don't panic

wallet stolen on holiday. Re-assured us, stopped the cards and replaced it all including the wallet within days not weeks perfect Reviewed on: 25th September 2016


Good company, great service, never had a problem in 6 years Reviewed on: 16th September 2016

Straight forward, simple, caring service.

I would highly recommend the Holiday insurance offering from Halifax. I receive this product as part of my current account a package and I needed to use it when a booked holiday was cancelled due to an illness in the family. I was expecting a battle on the phone, with agents that would be looking for every reason not to pay out. What I got was the exact opposite. Empathetic agents explained the simply process of what forms they required and that everything would be posted to me. The forms arrived promptly, I returned the required paperwork and I was paid within 14 days I think. Outstanding service. Reviewed on: 1st August 2016

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