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TIMEWASTERS! Our Broker recommended this Building Society as they seemed to fit the bill for our needs. HOW WRONG HE WAS! Three months down the line and about to h... Read more Reviewed on: 12th July 2022

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Harpenden Building Society Mortgages reviews (3)


Our Broker recommended this Building Society as they seemed to fit the bill for our needs. HOW WRONG HE WAS! Three months down the line and about to have our rental property we lived in put on the market due to how long they took to scrutinise our bank accounts etc, they declined us. Why? Because we paid a COMPANY business debt off A MONTH EARLY!!! To say we were gobsmacked was to say the least. We had rented the property for 11 years with no issues about paying the rent. Landlords urgently needed the property sold (we had first refusal to purchase and at BMV) so the pressure was on. I had to detail miniscule payments out of my personal bank account. One to my Son for £40! The other to a seller on Markketplace for a mere £80. We then applied to Santander and it all flew through. So save yourself A LOT OF TIME AND STRESS apply to them in the first instance. It completed within 2 months of application. How this Building Society gets any mortgage clients is beyond me. They rank something like 41. I can now see why!!! Reviewed on: 12th July 2022

Worst Customer Experience Ever

If you want to purchase a house using Harpenden I suggest starting 12 month in advance and you will still more than likely be disappointed. Their SLA's are a joke in the modern world, saying everything is done in person is a massive cop out and doesn't ring true. They will miss most SLA's then ghost you and ignore all communication attempts and not return calls. Avoid like the plague! Reviewed on: 11th May 2022
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Not passing on Bank of England base rate reduction

The Bank of England have announced a 0.5% drop in the base rate to support the economy and Harpenden have decided not to reflect this in the SVR and therefore discounted mortgages where as the majority of the market has moved - i would recommend avoid getting a mortgage through them. Reviewed on: 13th March 2020
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