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Based on 35 reviews, last reviewed 10th May 2022
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Easy to apply Easy to apply, genuine company, paid the money on time, would recommend to anyone for their fantastic rate. Reviewed on: 29th June 2017

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The worst bank to deal with Ikano bank just do not care about they client they just focus on make money out of them. I have been trying to get in touch for about 4 weeks and ... Read more Reviewed on: 10th May 2022
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Ikano Bank personal loan reviews on Smart Money People are honest reviews. If you're trying to determine whether this is the right personal loan for you, reading our Ikano Bank personal loan reviews can help you to find out what other people have to say. Smart Money People launched in October 2014 to help people like you to find the best personal loans. If you have used a Ikano Bank personal loan, we'd love you to write a quick review too.

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Ikano Bank Personal Loan reviews (35)

The worst bank to deal with

Ikano bank just do not care about they client they just focus on make money out of them. I have been trying to get in touch for about 4 weeks and no one to get back to me. They do not reply emails nothing. Worst ever. Reviewed on: 10th May 2022
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Stay miles away

The worst company to ever deal with, they'll put the phone down on you half way through the conversation.. Reviewed on: 24th November 2021
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I want to advise everyone to stay away from this company as I do not think anyone should have to go through the stress and upset I am currently experiencing with them now! I took out a 4 year loan with in 2014, I paid the agreed amount every month without fail. My contract was finished in 2018 and my final payment was made. I then moved the later received a letter from a debt collection company (Lowell) stating I was still owing £124! This was incorrect! I gathered all my bank statements and I had actually over paid! After years being messed around trying to contact someone who would help me clear my name I eventually spoke to someone in 2020 (please note the time scale here!) Who confirmed the debt had been reported wrongly and it would be corrected and I would receive confirmation of this in writing and a manager would phone me directly. Obviously this NEVER materialised, I phoned again in Febuary and was advised once again confirmed this was the case even though my credit score was still showing the same problem. I was told it would be updated and corrected at the end of Feb, once again surprise surprise this never happened. I called on the 18th of March and was told by Esme this should have been sorted and she would chase it up - telling me AGAIN I was not a fault! I phoned today as I had still not received the call from a manager or a written confirmation only to be told by Zigara my file would not be updated and the debt was correct WHICH IT IS NOT! WHAT AM I MEANT TO DO NOW! I have all the evidence to prove I am the victim here although Ikano seems to have no intention of admitting and correcting this! I only write this here today as a last resort as this problem is now affecting my life as I cannot get a mortgage because of Ikanos incompetence! Ikano get this sorted!!! I am waiting on a severe apology, and believe I should be refunded the money I have had to pay out checking to see if you had actually done your job which you did not!!! Ansolute sham of a company DO NOT GO NEAR THEM WITH A BARGE POLE! Reviewed on: 23rd March 2021

Never trust

Very disappointed in them. Canccelled my carpet order from SCS but they never told Ikano bank. Took months to sort and stayed in contact with Ikano throughout and they told me they would freeze any action. Went back on their work and destroyed my credit rating culminating in my bank slashing my credit card limit which I need for work causing me major problems. Reviewed on: 26th November 2020

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