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Easy to use Easy to use, very flexible options Reviewed on: 21st March 2023

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Use anyone else. Trading from a tax haven (Greece), frequent invasive demands for personal and financial information, a frustrating UX, bad UI flows, and poorly perfor... Read more Reviewed on: 16th February 2023
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About the Investment app

Plum works by linking to your bank account using Open Banking and analysing your incomings and outgoings to look for areas where money can be saved. It then sets this money aside automatically, adjusting to your spend and what you can afford.

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Plum Investment app reviews (1493)

Easy to use

Easy to use, very flexible options Reviewed on: 21st March 2023


Plum has everythingwe need to save and invest our money! It helps us to grow financially! Reviewed on: 21st March 2023

User friendly trading

User friendly trading for new investors Reviewed on: 20th March 2023

Easy savings automation

The app saves money without me even thinking about it or realising it. At the end of the year I always nice little pot saved up Reviewed on: 20th March 2023
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