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Great service Weighted in old gold jewellery at byker Ramsdens, the 2 young ladies were so helpful. Reviewed on: 16th September 2018
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Not even worth 1 star, They offered me on a 18 ct gold bracelet £550, walked round the corner to H & T Pawnbrokers who gave me £1140 for the same bracelet. Went back and co... Read more Reviewed on: 8th March 2023

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Ramsdens Pawnbrokers reviews (22)

Not even worth 1 star,

They offered me on a 18 ct gold bracelet £550, walked round the corner to H & T Pawnbrokers who gave me £1140 for the same bracelet. Went back and complained and was told that was what the system said…. Don’t use them, they are sharks! Reviewed on: 8th March 2023


Been a customer of ramsdens for years as a buyer but I used thier pawn brokers for the first time I was given £211 for two chains one was brand new never worn but the employee asked to test it to ensure that it is gold the other one has a clear hall mark but when I looked at contract they had listed both chains as damaged ? We went back to redeem them within 5 days so well within thier 14 days cooling off period and I stated we was within the cooling off period but the employee stated where does it state the 14 days cooling off period as I don’t know about that , So I showed her in the ramsdens contract and she said I will need to make a phone call to see how this works as I don’t know ? So she came back and stated it would be an extra £17.54 on top of the £211 I asked why was this amount added on as I was well within the cooling off period She stated it was admin costs etc so any way I paid it as I wanted my chains back and was given a receipt stating Loan agreement £221 Intrest charged £17,54 Late payment fee 0 Lost receipt fee 0 Extension fee 0 Admin fee 0 So for less then a week loan and well within the cooling off period I was charged £17.54 intrest I used to rate ramsdens and wouldn’t buy my jewellery any where else now I can say I’ve had my eyes open I won’t be back as a buyer and I certainly won’t be using thier services ever again If I could give them no stars I would do ? Reviewed on: 11th January 2023
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Mandi mac

Terrible. Just terrible

I took a 130g 9ct gold mens curb bracelet in, these now retail second hand between £3.5-£4K, they offered me £650 scrap value, I laughed and said no thank you, straight away, he offered me £1200, I said no, I’ll have it back, he didn’t want to hand it back to me, luckily there was a police officer in there the same time enquiring about a burglary, He could see I was having trouble getting my gold back, when the police officer came over to me and said is everything ok? The man then gave me my bracelet back, will never ever go back there, disgusting thieving scumbags Reviewed on: 21st September 2022

Want to rip you off

Went in with a pair of 9kt earrings to sell. Told me they would give me £10.50. When I said your having a laugh the price jumped to £21. She said it's all about negotiating. I think it's all about ripping customers off and taking advantage of those desperate for a little money!I went elsewhere and got more than the £21. DONT USE!! Reviewed on: 29th August 2022

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