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RBS: Student Current Account reviews

Based on 12 reviews, last reviewed 31st May 2023
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Easy to use Any irregular issues were fixed quickly and with ease Reviewed on: 31st May 2023

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My worst banking experience RBS made several mistakes in the account opening process (multiple complaints upheld), terrible online and mobile banking. Infuriating that almost eve... Read more Reviewed on: 8th February 2019
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About the Student Current Account

The RBS Student Bank Account is designed to support those in full-time education to manage their finances. Control the account through the RBS mobile app, with various budgeting and safety features. Withdraw cash from an RBS ATM without using the card. Various freebies are available with the account - check what the current RBS student offer is before applying.

Knowing which student banking provider to choose can be tricky with so many to choose from. We collect RBS Student Bank Account reviews to check it’s the right fit for you. Learn more about what you can expect from RBS by reading about existing account holders’ experiences.

Find out why other students chose RBS as their banking provider. Learn more about the budgeting features available in the mobile banking app. Read about the freebies that existing account holders have redeemed with their Student Bank Accounts. Find out how responsive the customer service team has been when resolving customer concerns and queries. Make an informed decision about your new account by reading our RBS Student Bank Account reviews.

If you have a Student Bank Account with RBS, share your experience with our Smart Money People community. Tell us how long you’ve had the account and how satisfied you’ve been so far. What made you choose RBS as your student banking provider? What have been the main benefits that you’ve experienced with the account? Are there any aspects that you feel could be improved? What freebies have you claimed with your account? If you use the mobile banking app, what features do you find the most useful? Write an honest RBS Student Bank Account review today. Together, we can help people like you make better financial decisions.

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RBS Student Current Account reviews (12)

Easy to use

Any irregular issues were fixed quickly and with ease Reviewed on: 31st May 2023

Great experience

The overdraft limit is great, it notifies you if you are close to the limit. It’s incredibly easy to transfer between accounts. Reviewed on: 4th April 2023

Easy to use

Any problems are usually resolved the same day Reviewed on: 4th April 2023

Helpful assistant

Had many queries when opening my student account as I am not too financially adept, but the RBS customer service team, especially Cora, made solving my problems quick and easy. I can rest assured that if I have any queries down the road that RBS will be there to help reach a conclusion that suits me. Reviewed on: 1st April 2022
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David H

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