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Scottish Friendly: My Choice ISA reviews

Based on 13 reviews, last reviewed 5th Feb 2024
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Excellent telephone and online services Excellent telephone and online services Reviewed on: 5th February 2024
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James K

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Poor service Clunky app, sent withdrawal to a defunct bank account so currently have missing funds and the customer service advisor was unhelpful Reviewed on: 24th January 2023
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Scottish Friendly My Choice ISA reviews (13)

Excellent telephone and online services

Excellent telephone and online services Reviewed on: 5th February 2024
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James K

Good idea in practice

I set up 3x ISAs for my sons, however there’s little information regarding the type of ISA you’re setting up. I was very confused when opening and ended up doing a different type of ISA for each child - not realising this would greatly affect their loss and gains in terms of interest. I’ve now closed these accounts be wise of this, one child had 3x the amount in his account compared to the others. I wish there had been more information when I opened the accounts as I would’ve liked to have kept them open. Another issue I ran into was being unable to share details for transfers eg for family members who wished to deposit into the children’s accounts. The only option for deposits with Scottish friendly is direct debit - you can’t make a BACS or even card payment transfer. Reviewed on: 10th April 2023
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Great returns

Excellent returns on my investment. Reviewed on: 28th February 2023

Easy Investment

I've invested with Scottish Friendly over the past few years and so far all looks good - their app is really easy to use and on paper my investment seems to be currently outperforming my Company Pension AVC - which if the case when I retire, will be great. Reviewed on: 31st January 2023
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