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Scottish Friendly: Life Insurance reviews

Based on 4 reviews, last reviewed 28th Dec 2023
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Excuse after excuse I have a life insurance policy with Beagle Street, underwriters being Scottish Friendly which myself and my husband have paid into for 10 years. Unfor... Read more Reviewed on: 28th December 2023

About the Life Insurance

Do you want to find out what life as a Scottish Friendly life insurance customer is like? Now you can! Read Scottish Friendly life insurance reviews at Smart Money People to find out what other policy holders have to say.

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Scottish Friendly Life Insurance reviews (4)

Excuse after excuse

I have a life insurance policy with Beagle Street, underwriters being Scottish Friendly which myself and my husband have paid into for 10 years. Unfortunately my husband died in Sept 2023 following a road traffic accident. The insurer has moved the goal posts for submitting my claim time and time again. First they need death cert - tick. Then check Dr's records- tick. Then Post Mortem - Tick. They're happy to take your premium for 10 years but find excuse after excuse to delay payout. It's disgusting. No compassion and no real I'm understanding. Shameful!!!!! Reviewed on: 28th December 2023

Pay me my money

Three months and waiting! Excuse after excuse after excuse. How hard is it to pay out a matured policy? In theory, I send the docs, you pay out! In reality, I send the docs (numerous times), you make excuses, even after confirming receipt on maturity docs and I receive no money! Reviewed on: 4th July 2022
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Sham of a company !!

Late January claim now June and still nothing been told funds were wired on 16th still nothing no return of emails no return of promised manager call ,Company is worse company I've ever dealt with for anything ,lots of bad reviews on other sites too ,please do your due diligence before even thinking of handing this company any of your money or investments for tou,you, or grandkids !! Shameful company ! Reviewed on: 28th June 2022

Will not pay the money owed to you all you get are excuses and delays

I would not touch this company with a barge pool my policy majuro last month still waiting for a payout all I have had is delays and excuses Reviewed on: 12th June 2021

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