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Skipton Building Society: Mortgages reviews

Based on 13 reviews, last reviewed 2nd Apr 2024
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Customers service Very helpful when you call them. Explain products in details . Reviewed on: 17th August 2023
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M Azad

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Conspiracers Dont trust lots of fatal errors will let you down never admit no matter how vital they dont care will let you down reiterate lies to all including F O... Read more Reviewed on: 26th April 2021
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Donna Discriminated

About the Mortgages

Skipton Building Society was established in 1853 and offers a range of mortgage products.

Read the Skipton Building Society mortgage reviews on Smart Money People to learn more about the lender and products. Genuine customer experiences can help you make an informed decision when choosing your new mortgage.

Find out why existing members chose Skipton’s fixed rate mortgage and how satisfied they’ve been so far. Learn more about the application process and how supportive the Society was throughout. Read about genuine experiences in our Skipton Building Society mortgage reviews to decide if it's the right product for you.

Do you have a mortgage with Skipton Building Society? Write an honest review to help others like you make better financial decisions. Share your experience with the sign up process - was the team at Skipton helpful and knowledgeable? What are the main pros and cons you’ve experienced with your mortgage? Would you recommend the lender and product to family and friends? Whether good or bad, write a Skipton Building Society mortgage review today.

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Skipton Building Society Mortgages reviews (13)

Long wait times for customer service

Long wait times for customer service and early exit fees still really high Reviewed on: 2nd April 2024
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Customers service

Very helpful when you call them. Explain products in details . Reviewed on: 17th August 2023
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M Azad

Fantastic Mortgage Provider

We have recently taken out a mortgage with Skipton. Their communication with our Financial Advisor was excellent. We were treated fairly and fast. The mortgage we have has a good rate. I am pleased with the easy access to view the mortgage information. Communication and notifications for the first payment were excellent we knew exactly what was happening. Very happy and would fully recommend Skipton.. Reviewed on: 10th March 2023
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Valerie Burnett

Really good company to deal with

Excellent and professional. Would certainly use them again Reviewed on: 22nd February 2023
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