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Together Money: Mortgages reviews

Based on 5 reviews, last reviewed 25th Aug 2023
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Appauling Appauling company. Check your charges. This company rip you off and leave you with a huge balance still to pay at the end of the mortgage. AVOID Reviewed on: 25th August 2023
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About the Mortgages

Together Money is a specialist mortgage lender, providing both business and personal mortgages. The lender practices ‘common-sense lending’ with a specialised approach to the underwriting process. Be confident that you understand the Ts and Cs and interest rate of a mortgage. Don’t be afraid to consult the lender or an independent advisor if you have any questions.

A specialist mortgage lender can help people secure their dream home despite having traditionally undesirable circumstances. However, it’s important that the lender is reputable and offers a mortgage that suits your needs. Our Together Money mortgage reviews can help you make the right decision.

Find out why borrowers chose Together Money and what mortgage they have. Read about how satisfied they’ve been so far. Learn more about the application process and how supportive the lender was throughout. Find out what existing customers have liked and disliked so far. All of this and more can be found in our Together Money mortgage reviews.

Did Together Money help you buy your home? Whether good or bad, tell us about your experience. Did the application process run smoothly? Has the lender supported you with any concerns or issues? Have you been satisfied so far with your mortgage? Has the lender kept you up to date with any important mortgage news or changes? Would you recommend the lender to your family and friends? Write an honest Together Money mortgage review today. Together, we can help people like you make better financial decisions.

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Together Money Mortgages reviews (5)


Appauling company. Check your charges. This company rip you off and leave you with a huge balance still to pay at the end of the mortgage. AVOID Reviewed on: 25th August 2023
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Basically bridging loan lenders

Pointless trying to discuss anything with this company they are totally about the financial not customer care, even changing a direct debit you are told you will be charged before you change the date again, plus interest added, a totally pointless exercise... do not bother with this company Reviewed on: 22nd June 2023
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Richard Hughes

Do not use this company

Do not use this company. I am so regret I have made the decision to gone for BTL mortgage with them. They are so unfair to their customers. Taking my repayment money and not processing for months. When I found out what they done, I didn’t even get a sorry. They promised me to call me back with details explained and never did. Also told me I can’t complaint because they did investigation and they are happy with located my repayment. The customer service agent also told me they are NOT regulated by FCA so I can not take them to ombudsman for things they did wrong. Totally shocking. Reviewed on: 16th May 2023
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ling morris

Absolute fraud, worse than money sharks

They deliberately try and make it difficult for clients to meet the payments and add stupid amounts of charges on top. On three separate occasions they increased our loan amount by 10k minimum despite seizing all assets. I would stay well clear of these thieves Reviewed on: 11th August 2022
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Robert Hall

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