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Zenith Insurance reviews can help you to become Smart Money People by finding out what other lenders and borrowers have to say. Zenith Insurance reviews from our Smart Money People can help you to find our more about what holding an insurance policy...


Zenith Insurance reviews can help you to become Smart Money People by finding out what other lenders and borrowers have to say. Zenith Insurance reviews from our Smart Money People can help you to find our more about what holding an insurance policy with Zenith Insurance is really like. Zenith Insurance specialises in providing car (including taxi) and motorcycle insurance through a network of brokers, and has a long heritage providing insurance to UK consumers since 1937. If you have experience of this company, you too can write a Zenith Insurance review. Help us to increase trust and transparency in financial services.

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Car Insurance


Always a pleasure to deal with, happy with this provider.

Reviewed on 12th July 2020
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Marie Helen
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Car Insurance

They just want your money.

Called to cancel auto renew car insurance with weeks to spare. They still took the money and "have no record of previous conversation". Refused to refund me just told to contact the bank. Would not recommend to anyone.

Reviewed on 28th April 2020
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Van Insurance

Unexpected cancellation

I had my policy cancelled out of the blue for what I was first told lack of... Read more

I had my policy cancelled out of the blue for what I was first told lack of documentation.
The documents were actually sent when originally asked for, I did not hear anything once this was carefully explained, so I assumed everything was ok and the staff managed to look at the email properly.
I called to ask why my policy was cancelled on Saturday, half way through the conversation and lots of putting on hold for 15 minutes at a time. The reason my policy was cancelled changed as it must of been noticed I did actually send the required documents.
I was told that I had not updated my address so they cancelled my policy. This was completely made up. I was never asked about this, it was never mentioned by any members of this company. I explained I still had all of the email trails on record with no mention of anyone asking for the correct address.
I’ve checked my account today, instead of the cancellation fee which was being asked for by myself, I’ve actually received a small amount back.
Basically to me they admitted fault.
The issue has not been resolved as I’m not insured to drive.
This company just wants your deposit then will look for any excuse as in anything even making it up to cancel your policy.
Shocking, if you like being robbed here is the company, their experts.

Reviewed on 20th April 2020
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Mr Underwood
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Car Insurance

Excellent provider!

Good value and very helpful! Best insurance company I've been with yet!

Reviewed on 9th September 2019
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Daniel crowe
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Car Insurance

Keep getting my no claims wrong!

Generally OK, but they keep getting the number of years my no claims is, which is making it difficult with my new insurance company.

Reviewed on 30th August 2019
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Car Insurance

Good price and easy to arrange

Straight forward insurnce at a good price

Reviewed on 26th August 2019
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Car Insurance

Very Good Service

Does exactly what is says on the tin!!

Reviewed on 13th August 2018
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Car Insurance

Excellent, low cost no fuss

They were a lighthouse in a minefield of quotes when I went looking for a new quote after a massive rise in my previous insurance for the same vehicle Can't fault them

Reviewed on 16th September 2017
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Linda Mibsy Sellick
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Car Insurance


Haven't had to use it yet but I know for sure I can rely on them when I need them!

Reviewed on 5th September 2017
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Sam Reid
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Car Insurance

Straight forward insurance

No problems yet best price around by some distance

Reviewed on 4th September 2017
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Carl Leyshon
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Car Insurance

Good insurance at a decent price

Decent price which doesn't go up unexpectedly from year to year.

Reviewed on 30th May 2017
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David Leary
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Car Insurance


I've just moved to LV as previously was with Zenith who are absolutely terrible!

Reviewed on 28th February 2017
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Kirsty Wriglesworth
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Car Insurance

Zenith are scammers steer clear!

... Read more

I insured my car with Zenith having had a clean 15 years of driving with no accidents or claims. I had a small bump one night returning from taking my children swimming. I contacted Zenith who took details and advised I would be contacted the following day by a garage and a courtesy car would be provided. 2 weeks later still no contact. I called several times in the next two weeks and was passed from department to department each time with no one seemingly having a clue what they were doing. Eventually they told me my claim had been passed to the underwriters for a decision regarding processing my claim or voiding my policy, their reason for this was the excuse I had changed my job title in the past 18 months. Again I was told I would be called the following day which never happened. They were uninterested in the face I don't use my car for business or that I was not using it for work on the day of the accident. 6 weeks later I received a very cheeky letter telling me my policy was now void because I had been in breach of contract and that they were voiding my insurance back weeks before the accident and that I would receive no refund of the years policy payments made. Their attitude, customer service and total lack of communication was a total disgrace and Zenith Insurance are nothing short of crooks. Anyone reading g this would be well advised to STEER CLEAR of Zenith Insurance unless you want to get fleeced!!!

Reviewed on 23rd December 2016
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Dougie Davidson
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